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The Quatro Reconnaissance S-Barrier Armored Vehicle (Quatro for short) is a quad-axle, all-terrain rover in the film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

With seating for two, it is designed for short excursions into Phantom infested areas such as Wastelands. The Quatro possesses its own personal Barrier shield that is generated around the vehicle cabin to protect the driver and occupants.

Strictly a reconnaissance vehicle, it is stored in the cargo compartment of the Black Boa and can be dropped/winched by the aircraft via a series of cables attached to the rover's roof. As a safety precaution, the vehicle can fire Gel Pockets to soften the impact of landing should it be released from the cables in midair.



Quatro is Portuguese for "four".


  • Weeks of work went into making sure the wheels and support mechanisms of the Quatro worked realistically. However, in the final cut of the movie it is not even seen rolling.