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The Quarto Puppet is an enemy in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It appears in Rydia's Tale, and is found in the rock-filled room in B4 of the Agart Mine during a Waxing Moon Phase.In the Android/IOS/Steam remakes, it appears only in B2 on the bridge after the Agartoise is defeated and drops the Mythril Spring. Quarto Puppets are always fought in pairs.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

If attacked with a spell, it counters with the lowest-level version of that spell (i.e. Fire for Fira, Thunder for Thundara, etc).

Strategy Edit

It may be a good idea not to use magic until the player has cast Stop and they cannot strike back. Rydia and Luca's Lightning Brain Buster Band is particularly effective. It is possible to KO them one at a time but use lighting brain buster 2 times on one quarto puppet

Music Edit

Calca and Brina's theme song plays during battles with the Quarto Puppets, possibly hinting at their role in fixing the dolls.

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Etymology Edit

Quarto is from the Latin word quartus, meaning "fourth".

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