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Quakeja in Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age.

Quakeja (クエイジャ, Kueija?, lit. Quaja), also known as Quake IV, is a recurring magic ability in the series. In most appearances, it is often an enemy ability associated with Hashmal, The Bringer of Order and deals massive earth-elemental damage to all party members.

Its player equivalent spell is the Stoneja ability.


Final Fantasy XIIEdit

Quakeja is an enemy ability only used by Hashmal when fought inside the Pharos. It deals massive earth-elemental damage to all party members and has a 35% chance of inflict the Slow status. Being earth-elemental, the spell can be entirely avoided if the player has the Float status on the entire party. The ability shares the same animation as the Cataclysm Concurrence.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Quake IV is an enemy ability used by Hashmal, Bringer Of Order when fought inside the Royal City of Rabanastre. The ability deals massive raid-wide earth-aspected damage to the entire alliance.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

While not a crafted ability, Quakeja is a magicite ability that can only be used by players when they summon the Hecatoncheir esper. The ability deals massive earth-elemental magic damage to all enemies and can break the damage cap. Quakeja has a default trigger rate of 10%, with 100% trigger rate at max rank.

Quakeja is also an enemy ability used by all versions of Hashmal whenever he is fought as a boss in dungeons. The ability's damage varies depending on the difficulty of the encounter, but it general deals earth damage to the entire party and ignores the Reflect status.


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