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Quakeja in Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age.

Quakeja (クエイジャ, Kueija?, lit. Quaja), also known as Quake IV, is a recurring magic ability in the series. In most appearances, it is often an enemy ability associated with Hashmal, The Bringer of Order and deals massive earth-elemental damage to all party members.

Its player equivalent spell is the Stoneja ability.


Final Fantasy XII[]

Quakeja is an enemy ability only used by Hashmal when fought inside the Pharos. It deals massive earth-elemental damage to all party members and has a 35% chance of inflict the Slow status. Being earth-elemental, the spell can be entirely avoided if the player has the Float status on the entire party. The ability shares the same animation as the Cataclysm Concurrence.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Quake IV is an enemy ability used by Hashmal, Bringer Of Order when fought inside the Royal City of Rabanastre. The ability deals massive raid-wide earth-aspected damage to the entire alliance.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

While not a crafted ability, Quakeja is a magicite ability that can only be used by players when they summon the Hecatoncheir esper. The ability deals massive earth-elemental magic damage to all enemies and can break the damage cap. Quakeja has a default trigger rate of 10%, with 100% trigger rate at max rank.

Quakeja is also an enemy ability used by all versions of Hashmal whenever he is fought as a boss in dungeons. The ability's damage varies depending on the difficulty of the encounter, but it general deals earth damage to the entire party and ignores the Reflect status.