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Quadra Magic is a Support Materia in Final Fantasy VII. It allows for casting the linked Magic or Summon Materia four times in succession with the MP cost of a single spell, though the damage from each use of the spell is cut in half. This amounts to overall dealing double damage with the same MP cost. Quadra Magic has limited use depending on the level of the Materia, and will be applied up to five times.

Quadra Magic is similar to the Barrage ability featured in other titles, only magical in nature.


Quadra Magic can be found in a Materia Cave north of Mideel that can be reached with a blue, black or gold chocobo. It can also be reached through the Highwind through means of the Quadra Magic cave glitch.

The only way to have multiple Quadra Magic Materia is to master one. This requires 200000 AP, and the best way to do this is to equip weapons and armor with Double or Triple AP.


Level AP required Effect
1 0 Casts linked Magic or Summon Materia four times in succession at half damage per cast, for a total damage of 2x. Can be used once.
2 40000 Casts linked Magic or Summon Materia four times at once. Can be used twice.
3 80000 Casts linked Magic or Summon Materia four times at once. Can be used three times.
4 120000 Casts linked Magic or Summon Materia four times at once. Can be used four times.
5 200000 Casts linked Magic or Summon Materia four times at once. Can be used five times.


Quadra Magic can be linked with a Materia to cause its spell to be cast four times consecutively. Each cast deals half damage, amounting to double damage overall. The spell used with Quadra Magic picks a random target out of the chosen party (enemies or allies) and attempts to unleash all four castings on the same target. If the target dies before all four castings are used the sequence stops and unused castings are lost. Area-of-effect spells hit the chosen party four times. Each casting has its damage cut in half including attacks whose damage is based on max HP, like Demi and FullCure. Status effects that don't have a 100% chance of hitting also have their accuracy halved.

If the spell was originally a single-target spell, but the character has the Mega All Materia equipped (or another copy of the Materia linked to All), Quadra Magic will pick a random enemy/ally and cast the spell four times against the same target, even though the screen shows that all enemies/allies will be affected.

Quadra Magic doesn't work with Knights of the Round, and if the party casts Escape with Quadra Magic, it will only be cast once.

It is possible to link multiple Quadra Magic Materia to the same Materia, which will cause the spell to hit an extra time per equipped Materia. For example, having three Quadra Magics attached to three Fire Materia would cause Fire to be cast six times. The maximum is eight spells in succession, if one uses five or more Quadra Magic Materia at once. It is also possible to quadruple the magic used as a counter-effect: Linking a Materia with both Quadra Magic and Magic Counter, Final Attack, or Sneak Attack, when the casting is automatically triggered, the spell is cast four times.

If the first spell is reflected, the rest of the spells hit the target the spell was reflected to instead of being reflected again. When cast with the W-Magic Command Materia, the spell is quadrupled both times, meaning the character can cast a spell eight times in succession, or a whopping 16 times in succession if equipping five Quadra Magic Materia at once.


The Quadra Magic Ultima glitch involves using Quadra Magic with Ultima while another Ultima Materia is linked to either HP or MP Absorb. With this setup, the game may freeze when Ultima is cast against bosses that have multiple limbs. Another glitch involves Comet2: starting from the second cast, it concentrates all meteorites on the last target rather than spreading them randomly.


Magic or sorcery is an attempt to understand, experience and influence the world using rituals, symbols, actions, gestures and language that are believed to exploit supernatural forces.