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Qoqoba is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy XIV. She appears during Ul'dah's main story in original Final Fantasy XIV.


Qoqoba in-game.

Qoqoba is present at the Platinum Mirage when Niellefresne is defeated by Thancred in a match, and witnesses Thancred unmasking the festival incident by claiming that everything was orchestrated by Niellefresne in an attempt to make him and his companions look like heroes to the townspeople.[1]

After Corguevais flees, Qoqoba and Greinfarr go to Camp Black Brush to try to find Thancred who at that time had already been exiled from the city-state.[2]

At present, Qoqoba meets the adventurer while walking through the corridors of Platinum Mirage.


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