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The Qitana Ravel is a dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.


The empire of Ronka was a place of magic and enlightenment, of peace and prosperity. Sadly, it was not meant to last. Though naught but ruins remain, they remain heavily guarded nonetheless. The Qitana Ravel is perhaps the most sacred of these sites, home to the ancient wisdom of the past. With the advent of the Flood, however, you have reason to believe something more sinister now resides there as well.



The Qitari Dissent[]

The first part of the ruins has players face off against a Ronkan Dreamer. The enemy blocks the parties path and attacks by tethering to statues and shooting rays of light which can be avoided by hiding behind rocks. After its defeat, the party can move further on into the ruins.

The Divine Threshold[]

After dealing with another Ronkan Dreamer, the party comes across one of the ruins guardians: Lozatl.

  • Stonefist- Tank buster
  • Lozatl's Fury-
  • Heat up- Boss gets the heated up buff, and one of its shoulders starts sprouting steam.
  • Lozatl's Scorn- one of the statues on one side of the arena glows, and that half of the arena is no longer safe.
  • Sun Toss- AoE appears under a player

The Night of Yx'Lokwa[]

The Gods Tears[]

Going further into the cave, the party hears loud screeching noises, causing bats to fly out and attack them.

Shadowed Hollow[]

An open area in the ravel reveals a giant bat held in a magic field, until it breaks free from its tethers.

  • Ripperclaw- Tank buster
  • Subsonics- large raid wide damage

The Leap of Ox'Charl[]

The domain of the Lightwarden, here the party faces creatures turned into sin eaters.

Song of Ox'Gatorl[]

The arena of Eros the Lightwarden of the Rak'tika Greatwood.

  • Rend- Tank buster.
  • Viper poison- Drops poison puddles either in the middle of the arena or the sides.


  • Ronkan Dreamer
  • Ronkan Idol
  • Ronkan Thorn
  • Ronkan Vessel
  • Lozatl
  • Acro Bat
  • Anaconda
  • Horned Iguana
  • Razana
  • Batsquatch
  • Forgiven Flattery
  • Forgiven Violence
  • Echo of Qitana
  • Forgiven Thievery
  • Lightwarden: Eros

Musical themes[]

"Unwound", an arrangement of the main Rak'tika Greatwood theme "Civilizations", plays at all times in the Qitana Ravel except during boss battles.

Prior to Patch 5.2, "Persistence" played while fighting Lozatl and the Batsquatch. As of Patch 5.2, an arrangement of "Insatiable" from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT plays during these fights, while the original version of "Insatiable" plays during the battle with Eros.


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