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A member of the Militesi nobility and a brigadier general in the imperial army, Qator Bashtar serves as Marshal Aulstyne's right-hand man--but not, perhaps, without some reservations. Nevertheless, General Bashtar is the finest MA pilot in the empire, and he often assists in the development of new models by testing them out himself. In spite of his rank, he also accompanies his men out on the front lines, often turning the tide with his own two hands. His military prowess has earned him several epithets, such as 'White Thunder,' 'the White Reaper,' and 'the Unscathed.'


Qator Bashtar is a supporting character from Final Fantasy Type-0, who also appears in Final Fantasy Agito and Final Fantasy Awakening. He is the most talented magitek armor pilot of Milites Empire, and a general and the right-hand man to imperial marshal Cid Aulstyne.



Qator is the Brigadier General of the Militesi Empire and is a proud, blond-haired, blue-eyed soldier who wears a patch over his left eye and the white-black-and-red Military uniform of a Militesi general. He often fights in the front line, wielding a sword in one hand and a pistol in the other, and is also known to be an expert magitek armor pilot with a custom-made MA. According to the Rubicus, Qator is 28 years old and 6'3" tall.


Qator is fiercely loyal to the empire and its head of state, Cid Aulstyne. Though hailing from an impoverished background, Bashtar was nonetheless able to rise in the Militesi military ranks thanks to Cid's backing who values merit over background, gaining Bashtar's lifelong support in return. Even though Bashtar at times is skeptical of the marshal's schemes, he follow through with his orders without hesitation.

Calculating and calm even in the face of chaos, Bashtar always thinks of the best way to attain his objective, but upon deeming the objective impossible to attain, he will order a retreat. Though known for his ruthlessness, Bashtar at times shows kindness and mercy to those he wouldn't need to, perhaps empathizing with their status as commoners caught in the war as juxtaposed with his own background.


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Final Fantasy Agito

FFAgito Qator Icon

Qator assists with Akademeia's invasion.

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Final Fantasy Type-0

Bashtar is known as the empire's premier magitek pilot. He was discovered by Marshal Cid Aulstyne, and quickly promoted to general. He had a sister who died young.

In 842 the empire devised a three-part campaign to invade the Dominion of Rubrum. The first phase was Operation Solar Eclipse in which Brigadier General Qator Bashtar would lead a blitzkrieg attack on the Vermilion Peristylium from the ocean. Accompanied by the provisional First Airmobile Force and a l'Cie-piloted magitek armor, the general's objective was to force Akademeia to surrender. While the empire succeeds in conquering most of the dominion, Akademeia, and thus the Vermilion Bird Crystal, are protected by Class Zero who destroy the empire's crystal jammer, allowing for the legionaries and Agito Cadets to regain their ability to cast magic.


Bashtar in Akademeia.

Bashtar and his troops had infiltrated the academy building when learning the imperial flagship has been destroyed. Bashtar orders his men to find the survivor from the crash, who is brought before him to report their division had been defeated with magic. Bashtar admonishes the trooper for having fled leaving his comrades to die, and has him executed on the spot. He is dissatisfied of the news Rubrum's troops are using magic, since Qun'mi Tru'e's crystal jammer was supposed to block it. Soon news arrive of more casualties and that connection to Qun'mi has been lost and that the Vermilion Bird Crystal has regained its full power. Upon learning a Vermilion Bird l'Cie has been sighted, Bashtar orders all troops to retreat, disappointed as they came so close to reaching their objective.

Bashtar returns to Ingram, the Militesi capital. The empire destroys the Lorican Alliance with an Ultima Bomb, and when meeting with Cid Aulstyne Bashtar comments that future generations will refer to this day as the start of Tempus Finis. Cid disagrees, saying the day marks the first ray of hope, one that the empire brought forth.


Qator Bashtar.

The dominion begins its long campaign to reclaim the conquered areas. During Rubrum and Concordia's joint attack on Togoreth Stronghold, Qator slaughters many of the opposing soldiers with his new flying magitek armor Gabriel before confronting Class Zero. The MA is still a prototype and overheats easily, and Bashtar is forced to fall back after fighting the cadets.

When Class Zero infiltrates the imperial magitek factory and faces off against the White Tiger Primus l'Cie Nimbus, a ceasefire is called as the Fabula Pact has been invoked halting all military operations between the empire, Concordia and Rubrum. Qator delivers the news to Nimbus and the cadets, saying all combat operations must halt and anyone who violates the pact is to be executed. The cadets give up the battle, but are puzzled a ceasefire with such terms was called at a time Rubrum had deployed them for a sabotage mission to imperial territory.

During the peace talks Queen Andoria of Concordia is assassinated and the blame is placed on Class Zero. As the class orderly Aria Luricara rushes to the cadets to deliver the news, she is shot by a sniper and left behind as the cadets abscond back to Rubrum. General Bashtar finds she is still alive, and orders her taken to a hospital much to his soldiers' surprise.

The queen is succeeded by a king who allies with the empire and the Militesi-Concordian coalition advances on Rubrum from both sides forcing the dominion to split their forces. As the Militesi army drives the Rubrum forces back, Qator receives news the Concordian side is failing to advance, and is disappointed at their inferiority compared to the Militesi army. He notes that the 108th battalion deployed to the battle has many imperial officers picked by the marshal himself, and deems it a hindrance to his goal of being promoted.

FFT-0 Machina's Forcefield

Machina's forcefield protects Qator from Alexander's attack.

When the Vermilion Bird Secundus l'Cie Lady Caetuna summons Alexander to defeat Milites, the new White Tiger l'Cie who accompanies Qator erects a forcefield around himself and Qator's Gabriel. Qator and the l'Cie are the only survivors, and decide to retreat.

When the dominion infiltrates the Militesi capital Qator tells Aria to return to the dominion. She refuses, having nominated herself Qator's "minion", grateful for the care he had given her. When Class Zero arrives Bashtar engages them head on in his improved Gabriel before learning that a malfunctioning prototype Ultima Bomb was secretly installed into his MA. Refusing to allow the city be destroyed, Qator takes the bomb into the atmosphere and jettisons it. However, Gabriel was damaged from the fight with the cadets, and thus is unable to escape the explosion.

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Final Fantasy Type-0

Qator pilots a magitek armor called Gabriel capable of flying with a jet fighter mode. He is fought twice in Chapter 2 and again at the end of Chapter 7.

Final Fantasy Awakening

Qator can take down opponents in both close and long range. He primarily attacks with his handgun but also summons firearms in a long range battle while he carries his katana. His strongest skill is to summon Gabriel to attack all of his opponents by bombarding them in a rapid fire to deal heavy damage. Qator is at a disadvantage when all of the players' allies are defeated in his side, allowing the opponent to attack him directly.

Creation and development


Qator is voiced by Hideo Ishikawa in the Japanese version. He shares his Japanese voice actor with Cait Sith from Final Fantasy VII, Auron from Final Fantasy X, and Squall Leonhart from the Kingdom Hearts and Dissidia series.

He is voiced by Mark C. Hanson in the English version.

Other appearances

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game


Qator appears with an earth-elemental card.



  • According to an imperial soldier in District 0709 of Ingram, Aria Luricara looks like General Qator's late sister.
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