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The Pyrolisk, also known as Perilisk in the Nintendo Entertainment System version, is an enemy in the original Final Fantasy found in Mount Gulg, and in the Mirage Tower. It is an easy monster in the Mirage Tower, because the party is more leveled up by this point. In the Waterfall Cavern, on the south part of this cave, there is a room with many chests and a robot; a group of Pyrolisks, Cockatrices, and Mummies guard the room.



Pyrolisks appear in groups, and sometimes run away.

The Pyrolisk's physical attacks are slightly stronger than their cousin the Cockatrice's, although they do not cause Petrification. This does not mean Pyrolisks are unable to petrify the unwary; rather, the Pyrolisk uses its Gaze skill to kill its enemies instantly, which the Gold Needle it drops will most-assuredly not cure.

Despite being based on a creature that causes spontaneous combustion with its gaze, its Squint instant death ability is Death elemental and not Fire elemental, so only NulDeath and gear with Death resistance will block its special ability.

Pyrolisks, being creatures of Fire, are resistant to Fire-based magic but suffer a weakness from Ice-based magic. Even without Ice magic, however, they are not strong creatures and can be killed easily with strong physical attacks.


The Pyrolisk is a rare subspecies of Cockatrice in Dungeons and Dragons. Any who meet its gaze burst into flame.

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