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Pyreglow Forest is a dungeon located in Grymoire in World of Final Fantasy.


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WoFF Pyreglow Forest Map


Name Location Image
Rememb Herbs x2 Branch 1
Phoenix Down Branch 1
Thunder Seed Branch 2
Gold Hourglass x3 Branch 2
Wobblestopper x2 Branch 2
Remedy Branch 3
HP+ Seed Branch 4
Key Items


Branch 1
  • Mu x2, Reaver Mu
  • Mu x3
  • Mu x2, Cockatrice Stack (Reaver Mu, Cockatrice)
Branch 2
Branch 3
  • Reaver Mu x2, Cockatrice, Moogle
  • Dualizard x4
  • Right Claw Stack (Mu, Cockatrice, Right Claw)
  • Dualizard, Dualizard Stack (Moogle, Dualizard), Moogle
  • Cactrot
Branch 4
  • Deathskull x2, Cockatrice x2
  • Right Claw Stack (Mu, Cockatrice, Right Claw)
  • Moogle x2, Dualizard, Dualizard Stack (Moogle, Dualizard)
  • Cockatrice x2, Dualizard x2
Secret Branch

The Secret Branch is accessible from the exit path farthest from the Save Crystal in Branch 4. To reach the secret area, exit the following four branches marked by hovering pyreflies.

Musical themes

Labyrinth of Lights
WoFF Lights

"Labyrinth of Lights" is the background theme that plays in the Pyreglow Forest.




A pyre is a structure for burning a body as part of a funeral rite or execution.

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