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Purvama, the Floating Lands. In the border-skies they wait. Untrodden, unknown.

The Purvama is a collection of floating landmasses in the land of Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII. The Purvama lie above the Naldoan Sea and are but one of many such geographic features. The Floating Lands include the Sky Continent of Dorstonis, where Bhujerba is located, and the Sky Continent of Lemurés. According to a moogle spoken to in Final Fantasy XII in Bhujerba, the continents float due to the high concentration of magicite in the rock.

Sage Knowledge[]

A great landmass, floating in the skies above the Naldoan Sea. Such landmasses are not uncommon, found throughout Ivalice in every sort and size, though the manner of their formation remains a mystery. The region in which they float has some bearing on their climate, however most are warm to subtropical, boasting primordial jungles in which flora and fauna both rare and wondrous can be seen. The crust of these floating islands boasts a high magicite concentration, and after airships became a common mode of transport, mining colonies sprung up on the richest outcrops. Bhujerba, in Dorstonis, is the largest of the skycities, and it oversees the administration of many of the rest.


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The Sky Continent of Dorstonis.

Skycity of Bhujerba[]

A city which tries to maintain neutrality during times of wars. However, they are recently forced to ally with Archadia. Unlike other countries, Bhujerba maintains its independence with only a few Archadian soldiers patrolling its streets. The city is ruled by the Marquis Ondore, a member of the Resistance. The city is important, due to the fact it's located on the Lhusu Mines, a rich source of magicite.

The Lhusu Mines[]

Mines located in Bhujerba are rich in magicite. It was for these mines that Archadia decided to ally with Bhujerba. Recently, the palings have failed, so monsters now infest the mines. Many areas of the mines are locked by massive gates so that enemies cannot pass through, though if someone had the key to these gates they could open it.


Lemurés is a legendary floating archipelago, shielded off from the rest of the Purvama. It is the ambition of many sky pirates to see this island, as it is said to have many great treasures. The reclusive aegyl live here.

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