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Pursuit of the Awesome Sphere is a conflict in Final Fantasy X-2 during which New Yevon and the Youth League fight over an "awesome sphere".

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Some time after Sin's defeat, a new type of hobby appeared: sphere hunting. The main reason behind it was uncovering Spira's lost story, although others had their own reasons. At some point, sphere oscillo-finders and similar devices began to detect a sphere with particular properties, since then dubbed an "awesome sphere", in the vicinity of Kilika Island. This caused theories that the sphere may hold some important information and Youth League decided to acquire the sphere, but was halted by New Yevon who was against revealing the contents of the sphere which they most likely kept within the island temple.


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After the Gullwings stole the awesome sphere from a priest, the woods, and by extension the temple, were sealed from the town. The Youth League put a gate at the entrance to the woods and only members of the Youth League can pass through the said checkpoint. New Yevon also put several barricades within the woods and extended the safety measures by creating passwords which changed depending on the number of the people in the group guarding the staircase to the temple.

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