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Purelander is a race of beings from Final Fantasy Legend III who originated from Pureland. Purelanders are immortal beings, and they live not only in Pureland, but also in Floatland in the only town called Floatland Town. There is no time flow in Pureland, neither does on Floatland. The Purelanders live alongside with common monsters across the towns of Pureland and Floatland Town. Guha claims that the people of Pureland cannot oppose the Masters, and are force to serve them.

Shar the Wizard tells Arthur that the Tablet is said to hold the key to releasing the people of Pureland from serving the Masters. After having studied the Tablet, he finds that there was a curse on the people of Pureland.

In the Japanese version, the Tablet was called Monster Corpse. Since Shar had to study this item in order to break the Masters' hold over the Purelanders, he would do a necropsy of sorts to figure out how the Masters' magic works. In the North American version, he was just simply "uncursing a tablet".


A Pure Land, in Mahayana Buddhism, is the celestial realm or pure abode of a Buddha or Bodhisattva.