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The Pulsework Champion is an enemy that appears in Final Fantasy XIII. It is the mark of Cie'th Stone Mission 17 and 31.

Mission Edit

17 - A Widow's WrathEdit

Mark: Pulsework Champion
Locale: Archylte Steppe - Northern Highplain
Class: B

A Pulsework champion that had been working the Mah'habara Subterra Subterra has gone haywire, and is now raising chaos on the steppe's northern highplain. It is my Focus to see the automaton deactivated—a duty which I undertake not only at the fal'Cie's behest, but for my husband, whom the accursed machine butchered.

By all that is sacred, I will not rest until I have torn it washer from bolt!

31 - Newfound PurposeEdit

Mark: Pulsework Champion
Locale: Archylte Steppe - Haerii Archaeopolis
Class: B

It doesn't much matter if it's destroying a Pulsework champion in the Haerii archaeopolis or picking flowers in the yard—if it's my Focus, I'm going to do it. Life was boring before, with nothing to live for. But now I'm a l'Cie, I have a Focus—and life is beautiful, the clouds have parted, and...and there are rainbows! Cie'th or crystal, it's all the same to me—so long as I can put myself to the test, challenge my own limits, and win!

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

This enemy is immune to all elements. Until staggered, it is resistant to damage from its opponent's attacks.

Strategy Edit

Before engaging the Pulsework Champion in battle, Lightning and her allies should spray themselves with Deceptisol. This will make it easier for them to stagger their opponent. Ravagers and Saboteurs are very effective against the Pulsework Champion, as their attacks can rapidly fill its chain gauge.

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Artniks Edit

Artniks - Pulsework Champion
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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Edit

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