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Puk 1 (FFXI)

Puks are an enemy in Final Fantasy XI found only in the Near East, these diminutive dragons are similar in size (and flight) to the colibri, but are much more dangerous. Puks have lightning-fast attacks and the ability to cast spells, and have an an otherworldly association with wind which renders Puks virtually immune to all wind based attacks. They are also capable of healing themselves and generating TP based on, among other things, the day or weather. This association can instantly change the course of battle when the weather or day changes in the midst of an otherwise routine battle.

Defeated Puks may leave behind their eggs and wings. While their eggs are a delicacy in the Near East, they have not been quite as popular with the chefs—and have been incorporated in only one dish. The wings too have a solitary use in the crafting of some elemental arrows. One final item, Chimera Blood, may be located on a defeated Puk due to the fact that a chimera in zoology is an animal that is defined as having two or more genetically distinct cells found in their DNA structure, a Puk being a mix of a dragon and the colibri.

Species Edit

  • Crepuscule Puk
  • Puk
  • Puk Executioner
  • Sea Puk

Notorious Monsters Edit

  • Carpophagous Puk
  • Dive-Puk
  • Molted Puk
  • Nguruvilu
  • Nis Puk
  • Pandemonium Lamp
  • Phantasmal Puk
  • Phantom Puk
  • Pit Puk
  • Scout Puk
  • Seps
  • Vulpangue

Special attacks Edit

Gallery Edit

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