PuPu (コヨコヨ, Koyokoyo) is a small blue alien that first appeared in Final Fantasy VIII abducting various objects on the World Map. It has since made minor appearances in a few other games.


Final Fantasy VIII

For the side quest information see: UFO?
For the enemy information, see: PuPu (Final Fantasy VIII).

After encountering PuPu's UFO around the world, the party destroys the craft, leaving PuPu to beg them for Elixirs to recover from its wounds.

Triple Triad

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Final Fantasy X

PuPu Doll

PuPu is one of Lulu's dolls.

Final Fantasy X-2

PuPu again appears as a doll held by Rikku in the Mascot dressphere. It is also the Icon for the game's saved data on the memory card screen. In Final Fantasy X-2 International, PuPu makes an actual appearance in the ending of the Iron Giant.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited


PuPu and its UFO

PuPu and its UFO can be seen on the bridge of the submarine Jane as part of the submarine's control hub at the center of the room.

Dissidia Final Fantasy


PuPu being summoned.

Odd creatures that appear after unidentified flying objects have been knocked down.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Summon Compendium

PuPu is a summon in Dissidia. When summoned, it uses Accelerator, which halves the summoner's Bravery, but repeatedly increases it by 60 during a certain period of time. PuPu can be obtained as a stage bonus from the Destiny Odyssey VIII storyline. The effect of Accelerator is duplicated with Chaos's Chaotic Deluge summon, which halves Chaos's Bravery but increases it by 99 over a long period of time.

The Museum also mentions "PuPu" refers not just to a single creature but an entire race, which may have earned their name from the sound made when they walk.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

Pupu returns as a summonstone, with the same function as in Dissidia. It can be can be purchased from the Cornelian Moogle Shop for 50 KP. This summonstone is unlocked at the shop as a limited offer after earning 710 KP total.

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