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Use Psychic skills.

In-Game "Help" Description.

Psionics (サイキック, Saikikku?) is a command in Final Fantasy X-2 mainly associated with the Psychic dressphere.

List of abilities[]

Name AP MP Description Prerequisite Image
Psychic Bomb Initial 10 Damages all enemies. None Psycho Bomb.png
Maser Eye 30 18 Damage one enemy. None Mazer Eye.png
Telekinesis 30 12 Instantly defeat one enemy. Sometimes fails. Maser Eye FFX-2 Telekinesis.png
Brainstorm 30 18 Inflict Confusion and Silence on all enemies. Telekinesis Brain Storm.png
Express 40 20 Raise Accuracy, Evasion and cast Haste on the user. None Express.png
Time Trip 100 20 Stop time for everyone except user. Teleportation Time Trip.png
Magic Guard 80 28 Nullify magical attacks against user. Gravity Eater Magic Guard.png
Physics Guard 80 28 Nullify physical attacks against user. Magic Guard Physics Guard.png


Psionics is the study of paranormal phenomena in relation to the application of electronics. The term comes from psi ('psyche') and the -onics from electronics (machine).