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Prudentia is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. He was a character during the culinarian questline during the original Final Fantasy XIV. Prudentia can still be seen in A Realm Reborn as a non-interacting npc.


Final Fantasy XIV (version 1.0)[]

When Bismarck opened a vacancy for a female employee, Prudentia hid his gender and applied it as a woman. He won the position and was recognized by the guildmaster. After the guildmaster finds out his true identity, he lets "her" remain in the restaurant, but as some male customers visit Bismarck especially for their dishes, he asks Prudentia to keep his identity a secret. Due to this choice, his fiancee Adela left Prudentia.[1]

Since the adventurer joins the Culinarians' Guild, the rivals Pulmia and Prudentia are his instructors. Prudentia is often discouraged and insecure about her food and wonders why Pulmia receives more orders than he does.[2] At one point, Prudentia started to enjoy feeding the beastmen Qiqirn who seemed to like their food more than regular customers and ended up causing Bismarck negative rumors.[3]

Adela later had a relationship with Lienart who is currently Pulmia's fiance and just as Prudentia does not forget his feelings for Adela, Adela does not accept the end of her relationship with Lienart. Moved by emotion, Prudentia poisons the food of Lienart and Pulmia but soon regrets it and asks the adventurer for help to prevent a tragedy from happening. Upon reaching the couple, Prudentia meets again with Adela who once again rejects him.[1]

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

After the calamity, Pulmia and Prudentia can still be seen working at Bismarck.




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