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Automatically uses Provoke to temporarily draw the enemy's attention when teammates are severely injured. Ineffective against powerful enemies. Will not activate if the player is controlling the character.


Provoke materia is a Complete Materia Complete Materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It provides the ability Provoke, used automatically by a non-controlled character to temporarily draw the enemy's attention away when teammates are injured. This ability works on smaller enemies.


Provoke materia can be purchased from Chadley for 100 gil once unlocked after completing Battle Intel Report 8 to defeat two or more enemies with a single attack.


Level AP required Effect
1 0 Effect: 60s; Cooldown: 90s
2 100 Effect: 90s; Cooldown: 60s
3 200 Effect: 120s; Cooldown: 30s


Provoke materia draws enemies away from an injured character and towards the character who has the materia equipped, provided that the player is not controlling them. The ability lasts for a long period of time, though its effect increases depending on its level, and the cooldown also decreases on leveling up. Provoke allows an injured character to be healed up and gives them room to breathe, or to attack enemies that leave themselves vulnerable by focusing on the character using Provoke. Ordinarily, a lot of enemies will prioritize the character currently controlled by the player, meaning that Provoke will draw them away to a character who is not being controlled.

Characters with the Provoke materia should be durable to withstand enemy attacks. This can be done by equipping them with HP Up Materia HP Up Materia, though they can also benefit from pairing Elemental Materia Elemental Materia with materia of an element that the enemies often use to heal up the character from some attacks. As the characters who use Provoke are not controlled by the player at the time, materia that increases their durability should work passively.

Barret is the best candidate to use Provoke materia due to his durability, having the highest HP and defensive attributes, as well as abilities that reduce damage, such as Steelskin. Barret is most naturally suited to the role of a tank, meaning he can be used well in this way if the player does not control him as frequently as the other party members. When Barret has a gun equipped, he will also likely draw enemies a great distance from melee characters, improving positioning, and while he is using a melee weapon, he will benefit from area-of-effect damage dealt to enemies drawn to him. Cloud can also make use of the materia due to his high HP and his area-of-effect damage from his swords and some of his counterattacks, though this should only be done if the player does not control Cloud often.