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Provoke in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Provoke (挑発, Chōhatsu?) is a recurring status effect in the Final Fantasy series which forces the victim to attack a certain target. It is similar to Berserk, which forces the victim to use its physical attacks; both are used by players to protect weaker allies. Provoke is usually caused by the ability with the same name.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy III Edit

In the 3D remake, the Viking job has a Provoke ability that forces the target to target the Viking, and lowers the target's defense by about 50% as well. This can be used in combination with shields, the back row, and perhaps a healer, to make a character who is able to resist almost any attack, attracting the attention of the enemy, while the other characters destroy it.

Final Fantasy IV Edit

Draw Attacks is an augment imparted from King Giott, given to the party after Golbez steals a Dark Crystal. It enables the unit to be the target of all physical enemy attacks. This augment can be obtained more than once.

Final Fantasy X Edit

Provoke draws an enemy's attack toward the user, causing enemy to attack them instead of the other characters. A provoked foe reverts to normal the moment the provoker leaves the active party or dies. Successfully provoking an enemy will also counteract the Berserk status.

Final Fantasy XI Edit

FFXI Misc Negative Status 2 Provoked status is reserved for players who are the target of the Provoke ability, as monsters gain Enmity towards the provoker instead. Provoked status prevents the player from targeting anything other than the provoker, making it impossible to start attacking other targets, buff or heal allies, or even use self-targeting spells, abilities, or items. Since no monsters use Provoke and PvP is very rare, this is a very rare status.

Final Fantasy XIII Edit


Provoke is caused by the Sentinel's Provoke and Challenge abilities, and will increase the likeliness that the target will attack the Sentinel. It is also triggered by Odin's Valhalla's Call auto-ability, and Alexander's Lofty Challenge ability.

Provoke is treated as a debuff, and will increase the chain gauge and duration if it lands, but otherwise has a modifier of 0.0. It will wear off if the user switches to a different role. It has a base duration of 50 seconds, or 150 if applied with Challenge.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Edit

Provoke is caused by the Sentinel's Provoke and Challenge abilities, and functions similarly to before. Additionally, the player can see if the enemy is immune to Provoke or not by checking the top-right corner of the enemy information screen. It has replaced the Death status in the screen, as Death cannot be cast.

Gallery Edit

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