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Proto fal'Cie Adam is a boss in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Getting a 5-star rank on the battle with Proto fal'Cie Adam in Episode 4 earns the Cerulean Medal achievement/trophy. Its boss theme is "Limit Break!". It is fought alongside its Left Manipulator and Right Manipulator


First battle (red tiles)

Second battle (yellow tiles)

Third battle (blue tiles)

Paradox Scope battle


First battleEdit

The player should focus on destroying the left and right manipulators. Once they are destroyed, the player should focus on targeting Adam. It will fall soon after it is staggered. The most efficient way of defeating Adam is to use the Relentless Assault paradigm and heal with Potions.

Second battleEdit


Cinematic Action.

After a brief cutscene upon Adam's first defeat, the player will have to fight the Proto fal'Cie again. This time Adam's HP is higher and, although the tactics remain the same up until the end of its first stagger, Adam will regenerate its manipulators and assault the party with more powerful attacks. The player should turtle up with a defensive paradigm with Sentinels before Adam executes these attacks.

Once Adam's HP is reduced to zero a Cinematic Action leads to the Proto fal'Cie's second defeat.

Third battleEdit

Adam will regenerate its HP and a Live Trigger occurs. If the player chooses "Scream at Hope", Adam will disappear for good. Choosing any other answer will initiate a third battle against the Proto fal'Cie.

Although its stats are identical to the first phase, it and both manipulators are given separate entries in the game's bestiary; therefore answering the Live Trigger correctly first time will prevent the player from completing the Monster Professor sidequest, and they would have to close the Time Gate and replay the bosses to obtain its entry.

Paradox Scope battleEdit

With the Paradox Scope active the battle can be won mostly with the same strategy as for the original battles; the main difference is Adam's HP is increased.

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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