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Although this is a test model, don't underestimate its power. Attacks with Tek Laser and Schiller.

Final Fantasy VI PlayStation Bestiary entry

The Proto Armor is an enemy in Final Fantasy VI. The Proto Armor appears on the Veldt, but it does not have a Rage.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

When with other enemies, it uses Magitek Laser or its special, Program 35, every turn. However, when alone or when attacked with a normal attack, it has a 33% chance to use Launcher, greatly reducing the HP of the party. Like most enemies in the Magitek Research Facility, it also has high Defense.


Thunder and Thundara spells make quick work of it. Inflicting Silence on it prevents it from using Magitek Laser, Launcher, and Scintillation. Edgar's Bioblaster/Flash and Sabin's Rising Phoenix also work well.

Formations Edit

Number Enemies Encounter flags Introduction flag Musical theme Magic AP
Normal Back Surrounded Side
402 Proto Armor Y Y N Y Sides, individual Battle 2
403 Proto Armor x2 Y Y Y Y Sides, individual Battle 4
404 Proto Armor, Onion Knight x2 Y Y Y Y Sides, individual Battle 2
417 Mega Armor, Proto Armor Y Y N Y Sides, individual Battle 0

AI script Edit

If Proto Armor is by itself:

Launcher (33%) or Scintillation (33%) or Magitek Laser (33%)

Attack Turns:
1st Turn: Magitek Laser (66%) or Program 35 (33%)

If attacked by "Attack": Launcher (33%) or Scintillation (33%)

Other appearances Edit

Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit

PFF Proto Armor FFVI
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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

FFRK Proto Armor FFVI

Proto Armor from Final Fantasy VI appears as an enemy in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

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Etymology Edit

Proto- is a Greek prefix that means "first."

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