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Significantly raise target's physical resistance for a short time.


Protectra is a Synergist spell exclusively appearing in Final Fantasy XIII. It bestows the status of the same name, increasing resistance to physical damage.

Despite sharing the same name with the recurring White Magic spell in the English, the Protetra of Final Fantasy XIII is known as Proteda in Japanese.


Like other -ra tier spells, Protectra can be learned by Vanille and Fang at Crystarium stage 7. Due to the spell being locked behind the final stage of the Crystarium, Protectra is learned rather late in the game.


Protectra increases a target's resistance to physical damage by 50% for a base period of 30 seconds, which is lengthened depending on the current chain bonus and the caster's Magic. Protectra is unaffected by Boon. Protectra has an ATB cost of 2.

When choosing targets, AI-controlled Synergists usually bestow status effects to each player character one at a time. AI-controlled Synergists nearly always cast one spell per turn, even when they have at least four ATB gauge segments. Once Haste is in place (of the pair, only Fang knows the spell for it), AI-controlled Synergists bestow status effects depending on the enemy intel notes for the enemies they are fighting: Vanille and Fang will use Protectra when the enemy notes say: "Delivers devastating physical attacks." and "Capable of inflicting Deprotect." After buffs based on known enemy notes have been delivered, the AI-controlled Vanille and Fang observe the enemy's weaknesses and will cast Bravera or Faithra if the enemy is weak to physical/magic damage. Afterward, they will move onto casting Protectra onto everyone. Any steps are skipped if allies are already under the status effect the AI was going to bestow.


Vanille and Fang are useful Synergists to bring to any of the toughest battles for their improved buffing spells, including any oretoise battles and the toughest Missions. Protectra lasts longer if the caster has a good Magic stat and the chain bonus is high, so Vanille's Protectra tends to have a better duration. When the enemy is going to attack, the player can quickly Paradigm Shift to SEN/SEN/SEN while under Protectra for the best damage mitigation. Another damage-mitigating method is with the Physical Wall synthesis ability.