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Reduce physical damage temporarily


Protect is an indirect magic spell in Final Fantasy VIII. The spell halves physical damage that a character takes for a certain duration. It can also be junctioned to boost stats, especially Vitality, and to reduce damage from various elements.

Protect is the counterpart to Shell, which halves magical damage.


Protect can be drawn from a wide variety of enemies. It can also be refined from a variety of items using the Guardian Force Leviathan's ability Supt Mag-RF.



Protect applies the Protect status effect, which halves physical damage taken for a limited time. When a party member loses the status, a warning box will appear.

Protect can be cast using the Magic command or Selphie's Slot Limit Break. Casting Protect in battle increases compatibility with Carbuncle by 1, and with Cerberus by 0.2, but lowers compatibility with Diablos and Eden by 0.2 as well.

Protect can also be junctioned to boost stats. It provides among the best stat boosts to Vitality, and can also provide great resistance to various elements.