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Protean Gel is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2.

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Protean Gel is a powerful fiend capable of wielding potent Magic and physical attacks. It is immune to physical damage and can change its elemental properties at will.

They are most commonly found in the Calm Lands after Chapter 2, but can be found at Macalania Woods at this same point, or at Via Infinito in Bevelle.


The player should examine their elemental weakness with the Gun Mage's Scan and use the appropriate spells, or have a Dark Knight cast Darkness. A Mascot Paine's Cactling Gun ignores physical defense and is thus powerful.

Etymology Edit

The adjective "protean" is based on the god Proteus. In Greek mythology, Proteus is an early sea-god, one of several deities whom Homer calls the "Old Man of the Sea". Proteus was sought out by people for his ability to foretell the future, and to avoid them he changed his form.

A gel is a solid jelly-like material that can have properties ranging from soft and weak to hard and tough.

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