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Promyvion is an otherworldly region in Final Fantasy XI. It is the product of the Emptiness that chews at the lands and inhabitants of Vana'diel. It surrounds four of the five mothercrystals, the massive stones that project life into the world. Chunks of terrain and fragments of partially-digested buildings float hopelessly through its darkness. Memories of departed souls that wander into these forsaken plains transform into the monstrous Empty.

The fifth mothercrystal is subject to a distinct but similar manifestation of Emptiness called Apollyon.


Promyvion - Holla[]


Promyvion - Holla encompasses the mothercrystal beneath the La Theine Plateau. Toroid fragments of land drift through its void. Memory Receptacles govern access to each of these isolated masses. In addition to more common Empty, Holla features a population of Thinkers.

Spire of Holla[]


The Spire of Holla rests at the edge of its Promyvion. Powerful Thinkers make their lair within the spire's Web of Recollections. The La Theine Plateau is accessible by means of a Radiant Aureole at the area's end.

Promyvion - Dem[]


Promyvion - Dem surrounds the mothercrystal that sleeps under the Konschtat Highlands. The scarce terrain here forms five narrow islands orbiting a central spire. Defeated Memory Receptacles enable passage between landmasses. The Empty patrolling the area are distinguished by the presence of Gorgers.

Spire of Dem[]


The Spire of Dem is the core of the Konschtat Emptiness. A number of particularly vicious Gorgers dwell here beyond a Web of Recollections. A Radiant Aureole at the end of the spire links it to the outside world.

Promyvion - Mea[]


Promyvion - Mea lurks around Tahrongi Canyon's mothercrystal. Its Emptiness is dotted with a few relatively wide, open landmasses which are connected through Memory Receptacles. Cravers tower above their Empty kin on these darkened fields.

Spire of Mea[]


The Spire of Mea rises from the center of Mindartia's Emptiness. Its Web of Recollection is host to Cravers of significant stature. Return to Tahrongi Canyon can be achieved through a Radiant Aureole at the spire's deepest point.

Promyvion - Vahzl[]


Promyvion - Vahzl embraces the mothercrystal hidden below Xarcabard. Since the Crag of Vahzl that once guarded the Northlands was destroyed during the fall of the Zilart civilization, there is no Hall of Transference connected to this Emptiness. Adventurers instead use the ruins of Pso'Xja in the east to approach Vahzl's underground remnants.

All forms of Empty reside in this Promyvion. In addition to the Memory Receptacles that normally govern travel through the void, Vahzl features Memory Fluxes which allow teleportation from Pso'Xja once they have been visited.

Spire of Vahzl[]


The Spire of Vahzl is the ultimate destination within Promyvion. The Empty dwelling in its Web of Recollection include a quartet of especially disagreeable Memory Receptacles. The spire's Radiant Aureole offers escape to the Beaucedine Glacier.

Halls of Transference[]


The Halls of Transference are corridors inside ancient Zilart structures known as crags. Three halls are known to exist: one in the Crag of Dem at the Konschtat Highlands, one in the Crag of Holla at the La Theine Plateau, and one in the Crag of Mea at Tahrongi Canyon. A shattered telepoint at each location allows adventurers into the associated hall.

Once inside, a traveler may delve into the local Promyvion. Particularly well-prepared visitors may instead activate a Zilartian apparatus to transport directly to the distant Ru'Aun Gardens.

Musical themes[]

The surreal and dark theme "Faded Memories - Promyvion" plays in Promyvion.

Behind the scenes[]

Originally, the first three Promyvion areas were level restricted to 30, and Vahzl was restricted to 50. These restrictions have since been lifted in a version update, and added some high level versions of the Empty in parts of the zones. This also allowed Blue Mages to obtain spells from these creatures.

In Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, Promyvion Shards are battlegen components found in the Empyreal Paradox.