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A close friend of Noct's since high school. Though he has no affiliation with the royal family of Lucis, he proves an irreplaceable companion to the prince on his journey. Understanding the heavy burden placed on his comrades, he tries to keep everyone's spirits up while on the road.


Prompto is a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia who can be recruited during the Lost Chapter On the Road.



Prompto wears his default outfit from Final Fantasy XV: two bands on his right arm, black gloves, a black shirt with a white pattern, and a sleeveless black vest with a dark red flannel shirt attached underneath. He wears dark pants with a faint leopard print. He wears black boots with red soles that are lined with white fur.

His alternate costume is his Kingsglaive Garb, which consists of a black frock coat, black pants, black fingerless gloves, and black, knee-high boots.


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Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Lost Chapter: On the Road[]

Prompto rides a chocobo, but after dismounting finds himself lost. He is discovered by Ace and Bartz who volunteer to help him. Lightning and Cloud happen by, Lightning noting that if Prompto was alone and confused, he had probably just been brought to the world of respite. Prompto is astonished, seeing himself as "just a normal guy". Cloud assures that he was chosen by the gods nevertheless, and invites Prompto to join them, suspecting he will recognize someone from his world at camp. Ace would have liked for Prompto's chocobo to join him in the world of respite, but Bartz reassures Prompto that chocobos are tough and that it would be fine by itself. The three walk back to the camp while talking about chocobos.

When Prompto catches up with the main group, Noctis introduces him to some of the other warriors, including Zidane, Kain, and Auron. Prompto is reserved about fighting for the gods who summoned them to this world, but Noctis explains he couldn't leave even if he wanted to, and the other warriors are counting on him. Prompto agrees to join Noctis and support him.

The warriors enter the ruins of a city where Prompto watches Jecht defeat an enemy. He reaches for his camera only to remember it did not accompany him into the world of respite. Tifa wonders if it is safe for Prompto to snap photographs mid battle, while Irvine and Jecht chime in about recording devices from their home worlds. Cyan and Maria, who do not know what cameras are, try to contribute to the conversation. Cyan mistakes photographs for portraits. Cyan and Maria wonder why Prompto doesn't just savor the moment in his heart, but Prompto explains he uses photographs for saving memories and sharing them with others. Cyan remembers his wife Elaine and son Owain, wishing he had photographs to remember them by. Prompto offers to take pictures for everyone, but Jecht reminds that he doesn't have his camera.

Prompto watches in awe as Terra and Shantotto destroy a few mindflayers with magic. Magic is not commonly used in Eos, and Prompto never imagined he might be carried to a different world. Penelo and Hope express solidarity with him; both were normal people pulled into major events in their worlds. Shantotto reassures Prompto that his plain upbringing is something that others stretch to attain; Hope agrees, realizing in hindsight how precious the days before the Purge had been. Prompto struggles believing he is as special as the other warriors, but takes their encouragement to heart.

After another battle alongside Palom, Prompto explains that he drew off the enemy's attention so that Palom could finish them off. Laguna, Wakka, Vaan and Vivi catch the end of the conversation, with Laguna jesting at Prompto for becoming Palom's "henchman". After Palom banters with Wakka, Prompto compliments Palom for his penchant for mischief, seeing that it made him close to the other warriors. Prompto was shy when he was Palom's age, and didn't have friends until Noctis. Palom assures him that as he is not the closed-off child he used to be, it is only ever a matter of time until other people grow to like him.

Limited Time Event: Commodore of the Skies[]

Aranea Highwind joins the warriors after Spiritus summons her to the world. Prompto is excited to see her and introduces her to the Onion Knight, explaining how Aranea became their ally despite the war between Prompto's country (Lucis) and Aranea's country (Niflheim). Prompto is happy to have arrived in the world of respite before her, because he now has the opportunity to be her guide; she thinks he has "grown a spine" in the new world.

Lightning, Ashe, and Galuf struggle to fight off a magitek armor unit. Aranea, Prompto and the Onion Knight rush to attack it, Aranea drawing its attention, leaving Prompto to strike a finishing blow on the enemy's vulnerable point. After the battle, Prompto regrets missing the chance to return the favor, saving Aranea instead of her saving him. She chides Prompto and tells him that it works both ways; just because Aranea was better-suited to protect everyone with the last enemy doesn't mean that Prompto won't have the chance to step in and save Aranea in the future.

Act 2, Chapter 7: Respite's Authenticity[]

Meeting Ignis[]

Prompto is chatting with Noctis, Fang, and Lyse when Noctis's cell phone inexplicably starts to ring. Ignis Scientia has arrived in the world of respite and is reaching out to him. When they reconnect with him in person, Lyse, accompanied by Garnet and Ace, asks for an introduction. Ignis presents himself as Noctis's "tactician". Prompto thinks the phrase is stiff even by Ignis's standards. After a warm round of introductions, Prompto is surprised that Ignis is making fast friends with the other warriors. Mog tells them there is brilliance to be found nearby. Planesgorgers are nowhere to be found and Mog hopes there will be little in the way to inconvenience them. When Ace cynically asks Mog if he is mistaken or confused, Prompto assures that everything will be fine.

As they continue traveling, Ignis moves ahead and converses with Steiner, Edgar, Lenna and Penelo. As Prompto and Noctis watch from afar, Prompto is uneasy over Ignis's unusual sociability. They suspect that Ignis—who was brought to the world of respite later, and thus possibly with his full set of memories—knows things that they do not. Noel and Prishe approach and chide Prompto and Noctis for being shy and push them to more actively engage with their friend. Noctis decides that he needs to address his concerns head-on and Noel calls Ignis over.

Noctis and Prompto express their concerns about the differences between their memories and Ignis's to him. Neither had met Materia directly, whereas Ignis had. Ignis deflects their questions as he doesn't want to complicate things by conveying vague or incomplete information. Prompto is dissatisfied, but Ignis changes the topic. They discuss whether Gladiolus had been brought to the world; how Noctis and Prompto had been doing; and how Prompto has been engaging with his passion for photography. Prompto explains he lost his camera in transit. Ignis reassures that they will keep an eye out for it, underscoring the importance of keeping records of their journey. When Prompto tells Ignis that his journey in the world of respite had hitherto been enjoyable, Ignis falls silent. The reaction confuses Prompto.

Confronting Sephiroth[]

Sephiroth kills Materia and seizes her throne. He issues the memories and appearances of the warriors upon countless dark manikins of Zack Fair. Sephiroth dispatches them to infiltrate the warriors' ranks to confuse and demoralize them.

Prompto receives an urgent call from Ignis to regroup. He is shocked to find his and Noctis's clones. Cloud draws his weapon, leading Prompto's clone to fearfully bargain for their lives. Prompto is dismayed that the clone's reaction would have been his own. After a protracted and heated argument, it becomes clear that the clones cannot avoid conflict. They shed their appearances and reveal themselves to be Zack's dark manikins. They defeat the dark manikins in battle.

As the warriors press forward they reach a military installation resembling a Lucian countryside fortress. They encounter Vayne, who gauges their readiness to defeat Sephiroth. After the battle, Prompto and Noctis approach Ignis sternly. Ignis admits that he had been withholding information from his friends and prioritizing his interactions with the other warriors. After Noctis rejects Ignis's apology, Prompto attempts to diffuse tensions. Noctis asks if Ignis believes them too weak to handle the pain in the memories they lack, but Ignis tells them that they are mistaken. Rather, Ignis is unprepared to tell them the truth since he sees how happy they are in the world of respite. Prompto, hoping to lighten the mood, notes that since Ignis knows their future they can trust that it will not take them by surprise.

In the heart of the military base, Zack and Cloud glimpse Sephiroth just before he steps through a torsion. They chase him through it, followed by Prompto, Ignis, and Noctis, and find themselves in Materia's chambers. The two exchange insults and taunts before Zack, enraged, calls his friends to arms against Sephiroth. They forcibly unseat Sephiroth, but with nobody filling Materia's seat, the world of respite begins to disintegrate. A planesgorger emerges from a torsion directly into Materia's chambers. Sensing the danger of continuing to fight in this space, Mog teleports the warriors into the ruins of a city resembling Insomnia, a place where the wills of the warriors appear to intersect most strongly. They continue to fight Sephiroth in the streets until Spiritus arrives to assist the warriors. Spiritus attempts to banish Sephiroth behind a seal through a torsion, but as Sephiroth ascended to Materia's throne, he is no longer bound by the laws of the gods, and he instead uses the torsion to escape.


Spiritus resummons Materia who is still incapacitated from Sephiroth's earlier attack. He instructs Prompto and the other warriors to restore Materia to her chambers while he searches for the origin of whatever force is destabilizing the world of respite.

After the warriors depart Materia's chambers they continue to explore the ruins of the city. Noctis pulls aside Prompto, Ignis, Balthier, Rinoa and Squall and ruminates on Vayne's intentions with regards to himself. The group collectively speculates that Vayne envied Noctis's strong bonds of friendship in spite of his ambitions to claim the throne of Archadia, and that he may have seen some aspect of the person he wished to be within Noctis. Ignis ultimately calls an end to the speculation and the group continues their travels.

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Image Name Image Name
DFFOO Cocytus (XV).png Cocytus (XV)
(5★) / 15CP
DFFOO Mythril Pistol (XV).png Seismic Shaker (0)
(5★) / 35CP
Based on its version from Final Fantasy XV. Based on its version from Final Fantasy XV.
DFFOO Quicksilver (XV).png Quicksilver (XV)
(5★) / EX (70CP)
DFFOO Quicksilver (XV)+.png Quicksilver (XV)+
(6★) / EX+ (100CP)
Based on its version from Final Fantasy XV.
DFFOO Executioner (XV).png Executioner (XV)
(5★) / LD (90CP)
Based on its version from Final Fantasy XV.
Image Name Image Name
DFFOO Prompto's Fatigues (XV).png Prompto's Fatigues (XV)
(5★) / 35CP
DFFOO Sapphire Bracelet (XV).png Sapphire Bracelet (XV)
(5★) / 90CP
Based on its version from Final Fantasy XV. Original design.
DFFOO Sapphire Bracelet (XV)+.png Sapphire Bracelet (XV)+
(6★) / 130CP
DFFOO Prompto's Gloves (XV).png Prompto's Gloves (XV)
(7★) / 210CP
Original design.
DFFOO Prompto's Gloves (XV)+.png Prompto's Gloves (XV)+
(7★) / 230CP


Move Type Image
BRV Attack
BRV, Ranged 200px
BRV Attack
Steals enemy's BRV.

BRV Attack+
Requires Life of the Party to be active. 1-HIT ranged BRV attack. A Break Mark is displayed if the target was priorly broken by an ally. When a Break Mark is displayed on an enemy, turns BRV Attack+ to Overkill.

BRV, Ranged, Debuff DFFOO Overkill.png
2-HIT ranged BRV attack. Inflicts Small Attack Down to target for 1 turn.
HP Attack
HP, Ranged DFFOO Prompto HP Attack.png
HP Attack
Expends BRV to deal HP damage.

HP Attack+
Requires Life of the Party to be active. 1-HIT ranged BRV+HP attack. A Break Mark is displayed if the target was priorly broken by an ally. When a Break Mark is displayed on an enemy, turns HP Attack+ to Crackshot.

BRV+HP, Ranged, Ignore Defense DFFOO Crackshot.png
2-HIT ranged BRV+HP attack. Ignores Defense.
Support, Party BRV, Debuff, Buff DFFOO Starshell.png
Raises all party members' BRV based on Attack.

Casts Lock on all enemies for 1 turn. Grants Evasion Up V for 1 turn.

BRV+HP, Ranged, Debuff, Buff DFFOO Piercer.png
1-HIT ranged BRV+HP attack.

Inflicts Small Defense Down to target for 2 turns. Grants Life of the Party (Life of the Party raises Max BRV and Attack. While active, turns BRV/HP Attack to BRV/HP Attack+.) for 4 turns.

Attack Speed
Self, Buff DFFOO Attack Speed.png
Slightly raises Attack and minimally raises Speed for 2 turns.

No action delay. Doesn't increase turn count. Decreases Friend Support and Summon action count.

Trigger Happy
EX Ability, BRV+HP, Ranged, Buff DFFOO Trigger Happy.png
Deals successive 1-HIT ranged BRV+HP attacks 10 times.

The first attack hits the main target while the remaining 9 are dispersed based on the number of enemies. Grants King's Buddy (King's Buddy raises party Max BRV and Attack, raises own Speed.) for 6 turns.



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