The player can train with Prompto on campsites. New training levels are unlocked as the player progresses, and the Final Trial is open in Chapter 15. Completing a training session earns 5 AP. Prompto and the other training partners do not appear in the bestiary, but the player can scan their HP and weaknesses/resistances in the Wait Mode.

The player can use the Ring of the Lucii against the bros in Chapter 15. The player can use Armiger, but there are no point-warp spots on havens and summons never trigger. The player can train in any time of day and in any weather. The training partners' stats and gear are not the same as when they are party members, and their food buffs don't carry over to their training partner forms. The player can use elemancy, but the training partners never do. Training partners don't yield item drops, but completing the last sessions yields accessory rewards.

Stats[edit | edit source]

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Battle[edit | edit source]

Training is available on havens on the continent of Lucis when the required party members are present. When Gladiolus is away in chapter 7, the player can only train with Aranea while she is a guest.

Train with Gladiolus
Name Level Opponent(s) Reward
Vs. Gladiolus and Prompto 30 Gladiolus & Prompto (Crownsguard Fatigues) None
Vs. Everyone 45 Gladiolus, Ignis & Prompto (Casual Outfit) Gold Bangle
Final Trial 90 Gladiolus, Ignis & Prompto (Crownsguard Fatigues [No Jacket]) Blue Diamond Bracelet

The training ends when Noctis is knocked to Danger state and Prompto (or another training partner) comes with the rescue animation. The player needs to quickly heal if they don't want to end the training yet.

Prompto uses same battle maneuvers as when he is AI-controlled as a member of the player's party. He doesn't use maneuvers from his player-controlled state, as that was added to the game later. He fires at Noctis from afar with his handgun and Auto Crossbow, and uses the special attack from his machinery and melee kicks up close. These attacks can be phased through with the defense command. His level 27 version has the Auto Crossbow, and his level 37 version has the Bioblaster and one that creates a fiery explosion. He can use Starshell to confuse Noctis, and when fighting alongside both Ignis and Gladiolus, he has an attack that inflicts Stop. During the Final Trial he uses Gravisphere to generate a ball of energy that draws the player to it and deals continuous damage when in its radius of effect.

As havens don't have point-warp points, there is no fast way to replenish MP outside of using items. In Chapter 15, the player can use the defend command with the Ring of the Lucii to replenish MP from Holy (although it doesn't do damage).

If the player equips a royal arm as their main weapon, and defends against ballistic fire, the royal arms will summon around Noctis to deflect bullets without costing MP. However, this trick does not work against Prompto.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Prompto has the least HP and is the weakest and thus tends to be the fastest to defeat. He is the only training partner to use status attacks and Techniques. Warp-striking Prompto with a polearm—especially point blank critical—defeats him quickly. When Ignis is present, the player should defeat him first to prevent him from healing the others. The player may want to protect against Confusion and Stop with accessories or food buffs. The bros resist elements in their higher level training sessions.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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