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Professor Auggie, are you OK? We'll help you!

Professor Auggie is a recurring character in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance who shows up in three separate missions throughout the game. A nu mou Sage, he is constantly getting himself lost while exploring, leading his research team to post clan notices to help look for him.


Professor Auggie appears as the subject of "Mission 46: Prof in Trouble", where Dag, one his research assistants, posts a clan notice stating that he left for Lutia Pass three days earlier and has not returned. Clan Nutsy arrives just in time to rescue him from a group of Zombies and Flan.

In "Mission 63: Missing Prof", another of Auggie's researchers, Quin, posts a notice asking to rescue him again, this time from Tubola Cave. Marche and his clan are able to save him from a horde of monsters while the professor hides behind a statue.

Finally, in "Mission 103: Mythril Rush", a streetear named Carnen posts a notice claiming that Auggie has discovered a Mythril vein in Tubola Cave and may be willing to sell some. After arriving on the scene, the professor offers some of his Silvril for 10,000 gil. The player is given the option to pay his fee, or outright attack him and his team, with either option resulting in completion of the mission.