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Procurement points yield items thar reappear over time.

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A procurement point for garlic.

Procurement points are places where the player can collect food ingredients and minerals in Final Fantasy XV. Their yields respawn over time (around once a day). Talking to tipsters at restaurants can unveil local procurement points, and the player can simply stumble upon them while traveling. Asking about the area from a tipster can also refresh the procurement points around, so the player can farm a desired item by sleeping and talking to a tipster in-between harvests. A procurement point always has three ingredients to pick up. The player can hold the action button when picking them up to avoid accidentally jumping.

Elemental deposits are found near every haven and in certain dungeons.

List of items obtained from procurement points[]

Food ingredients[]

Aegir RootGaldin Quay region
AlstroomCoernix Station - Alstor region
Lucian TomatoNortheast from Hammerhead, by the rampart
Wild OnionWiz Chocobo Post and Cauthess Rest Area region
Leiden PotatoLongwythe Rest Area region
Eos Green PeasCommon in Leide (one spot is near where Bandersnatch spawns north of Hammerhead), Saxham Outpost field
FunguarGaldin Quay region
VesproomMeldacio Hunter HQ region
MalmashroomMalmalam Thicket
ChocobeanLeide and Duscae regions
BeetrootDuscae region (one procurement point is along the road that leads south from Coernix Station - Alstor; Map)
Cleigne MolluskCaem Shore
Cleigne DarkshellCaem Shore
Birdbeast EggCommon
Leiden PepperCommon in Leide
Schier TurmericCommon in Duscae and Cleigne
Hulldagh NutmegTaelpar Rest Area region
Leiden Sweet PotatoLongwythe Rest Area region
Smoking WoodTaelpar Rest Area region
Tenebraen OakNorth from Cape Caem (Map)
Kettier GingerRock of Ravatogh
Allural ShallotDaurell Caverns, Steyliff Grove (underwater boss room)
Duscaen OrangeDuscae region (one tree is south of Cauthess Rest Area Map; another tree is east from the first tree Map)
Sweet PepperLeide region
GarlicDuscae and Cleigne regions


  • Color stone "shard" and silver/gold/prismatic "dust" grade minerals are found in Leide
  • Color stone "ore" and silver/gold/prismatic "shard" grade minerals are found in Duscae
  • Color stone "crystal" and silver/gold/prismatic "ore" grade minerals are found in Cleigne

A mineral deposit can give either silver/gold/prismatic type minerals, or color stone ingredients. Which specific ones the player gets is random.