Prison Sands Station.

Prison Sands Station is a location in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. It is a large desert area where prisoners arrested by Lilty guards are taken. Layle can be taken here if he causes enough chaos in Alfitaria. The prisoners in the desert mine ore. It is a stop on the Selkie Train. Out in the inaccessible area in the desert, the Aerial Prison can be seen.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Following their escape from the Aerial Prison, Layle, Keiss, and Belle recover on the border of the Prison Sands. Keiss is distraught at the loss of Vaigali and swears revenge against Jegran, desiring to return to Alfitaria and reveal Jegran's being a Crystal Bearer to everyone. Layle, however, says that, without proof, no-one will believe them. Belle then reveals the roll of film containing the photos she took aboard the Alexis II during its maiden voyage, among which is clear photographic evidence of Jegran's crystallized forearm. Layle tells the two selkies to return to the Lilty capital and have Belle personally reveal the evidence to Princess Althea while he returns to the Subterranean Ruins to witness the Second Resurrection alongside Amidatelion.

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