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Priscilla is a non-player character in the Final Fantasy VII series. She has a minor supporting role in Final Fantasy VII, with an expanded role in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Priscilla lives in Under Junon with her grandfather, training and communicating with dolphins. She has a deep love for the sea and all things living in it, and hates the Shinra Electric Power Company for building a naval port and polluting the ocean with an offshore mako reactor.[2]

In Final Fantasy VII, Priscilla is part of the CPR[note 1] minigame and rewards Cloud Strife with a whistle after he revives her. The whistle can summon Mr. Dolphin, who helps him reach the upper city of Junon.


Before Final Fantasy VII[]

Priscilla was born in 1994. She was raised by her grandparents in Under Junon and enjoyed hearing their stories about the area's former beauty prior to Shinra's occupation, seeding a hatred toward the company. As a lover of all things aquatic, Priscilla's discontent strengthened after an underwater mako reactor was built and contaminated the surrounding waters. At some point, she began communicating with dolphins.[3][2]

Original continuity[]

Mouth to Mouth

Cloud resuscitates Priscilla.

In "The Stowaway Strategy", Priscilla called to Mr. Dolphin on the beach and mistook Cloud's party for Shinra, dismissing them rudely despite their protests. When she entered the water to warn Mr. Dolphin about Bottomswell, she was attacked by the monster and nearly drowned. Cloud saved her with CPR[note 1] at the behest of the townspeople and she was taken to rest in a nearby house. Upon waking, Priscilla thanked Cloud, apologized, and gave him a special amulet.[3]

When Barret heard music outside, he questioned Priscilla, who explained it was rehearsals for Shinra's new president Rufus Shinra's reception, upsetting Barret. A similarly feeling Priscilla recounted her grandparents' story about the beach's former beauty before upper Junon's construction led to sunless darkness and adjacent water pollution. The party resolved to reach Junon by climbing the tower, but Priscilla cautioned about a high-voltage current underneath. She suggested riding Mr. Dolphin instead, providing Cloud with a whistle to summon the dolphin, allowing him to reach the city.[3]

Upon Tifa Lockhart and Cid Highwind's return to Under Junon in "Turmoil", a confused Priscilla was questioned about the lifestream. She described it as Mr. Dolphin's "playground" and that it ran beneath a southern island. Tifa informed her of Cloud falling into the lifestream at the North Crater, sparking great concern in Priscilla, emphasizing the need to hurry and help him as he was important to her. After Cloud's rescue and the party's return to Under Junon, a worried Priscilla scolded Cloud, demanding he be more careful since they were going to get married in the future.[4]

Remake continuity[]

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Priscilla is a 13-year-old girl with a slender build. She has tan skin, golden brown eyes, and swept brown hair with bangs tied in a ponytail. She wears a ruffled yellow beach halter with white trim, a short orange sarong, and light yellow sandals. Priscilla's accessories include a teal hairband, a dark green barrette resembling seaweed, and a shell necklace.


Priscilla is a cheerful girl who loves the ocean and its natural inhabitants, especially dolphins.[2] She hates Shinra for building a city above Under Junon, polluting the surrounding waters with a mako reactor, and fears for the safety of aquatic creatures because of that. She initially regarded Cloud's party distrustfully, mistaking them for Shinra, and rudely told them to go away.[3] However, after Cloud rescued her from the monster she was attacked by, she became enamored by him and passionately yearned for him to be her future husband.[4]

Behind the scenes[]


Shirt in the Final Fantasy VII Remake announcement trailer.

The girl going down the slide in the Final Fantasy VII Remake announcement trailer wears a shirt that appears to depict the artwork for Mr. Dolphin (see gallery.)



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