Princess of Alexandria is a Lost Chapter where Garnet from Final Fantasy IX can be added to Mog's group of warriors.

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Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Lost Canary:

It is recommended that you clear Ch. 7: Imber Manor before playing.

  • ???: ...I don't think I've ever been here before. To what kingdom might this castle belong?
  • ???: Excuse me! Is anyone home?
  • ???: Um... Hello? If you're there, please answer!
  • ???: ...Oh dear. I can't even ask for directions.
  • ???: Zidane, Steiner... Where did everyone go?
  • Kuja: What's this? It would appear a canary has lost her way.
  • ???: Kuja!
  • Kuja: Please accept my warmest welcome, Princess Garnet, to the Illusory Palace.
  • Kuja: It must be fate that brought the two of us together. ...Heh.
  • Garnet: Of course it was you who separated me from everyone...
  • Garnet: Tell me! Where am I? Where is everyone else!?
  • Kuja: You stand atop the palms of divinity...
  • Kuja: As for your friends, they are mid-performance, acting out their tragedy on this stage of fantasy.
  • Garnet: Palms of divinity? Tragedy...?
  • Kuja: A disgusting tale, I assure you, written by capricious gods.
  • Kuja: Although, your appearance here is also at their direction... Hm, hm, an interesting development indeed.
  • Garnet: What on earth are you...?
  • Kuja: Come, my precious canary.
  • Kuja: Join me in the loge to see how this tragedy plays out. ...Shall we?
  • Garnet: ...No, thank you!

(Garnet runs away)

  • Kuja: How brave.
  • Kuja: A canary prone to flight, though, needs to be kept in her cage. ...Ha ha.
During Princess of Alexandria Pt. 1:

(Wave 3: Kuja)

  • Kuja: Heh... I knew you'd come. But I'm afraid I won't hand over your canary.
  • Zidane: Canary? You don't mean...!?
Highness Reunited:
  • Kuja: Argh... Pitiful canary. May you be tossed about by the sea of destiny.

(Kuja is sucked into a Torsion and leaves)

  • Zidane: Dagger! Are you alright?
  • Garnet: Yes, I'm unhurt. ...Thank you for coming, Zidane.
  • Steiner: I'm so happy to see you, Your Highness! To think this day would come!
  • Steiner: Oh, the sleepless nights I've spent worrying for your safety... Wahhh...!
  • Zidane: He's moved to tears. ...But it really is a relief to see you safe and sound.
  • Eiko: I was super, super worried about you, too!
  • Garnet: Hehe. Thank you, Steiner, Eiko.
  • Garnet: And you strangers from foreign lands. Thank you very much for risking your lives on my behalf.
  • Garnet: I am Garnet Til Alexandros. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
  • Zell: Garnet? Didn't he call you Dagger a minute ago?
  • Zidane: Oh yeah, I guess she doesn't need to keep it a secret here.
  • Zidane: Garnet's the princess from a big kingdom. Dagger's the alias she uses while traveling.
  • Garnet: You've never heard of Alexandria? How can that be?
  • Eiko: Oh, boy... Where's Mog when you need him?
  • Steiner: Miss Eiko, allow me! It is a knight's duty to apprise his mistress of the situation!
  • Eiko: Wow, that's helpful! Take it away, then!

  • Garnet: I see... That's why Kuja called it the "palms of divinity."
  • Garnet: A journey to save the world... I wonder if I can be of any help.
  • Eiko: Of course you can! I guarantee it!
  • Steiner: Your Highness is simply overflowing with the light!
  • Hope: I thought Mog was the only one who could tell that.
  • Zidane: Don't you worry, Princess. Tin can aside, I'll be right there with you.
  • Zidane: Unless I'm not good enough for you.
  • Zidane: Alright then, Your Highness...
  • Zidane: I shall hereby do my best to kidnap you once again.
  • Garnet: ...Very well. Please do.
  • Zidane: Hehe.
  • Zidane: If it's you calling, I'll come for you as many times and wherever you need.
  • Steiner: Why you...! Zidane! Protecting Her Highness is one thing, but kidnapping is far another!
  • Zidane: You're complaining about that now?
  • Zell: Kidnap? Doesn't he mean escort? ...Weird.
A Familiar View:
  • Zidane: Say, Garnet. I bet you're beat from all this walking.
  • Zidane: How about a piggyback ride? Come on, don't be shy!
  • Garnet: Hehe, thank you, Zidane, but my own feet still work.
  • Garnet: I can't rely on others forever, you know.

(The rest of the party arrives)

  • Steiner: Zidaaane! Carrying her Highness piggyback is the height of impropriety!
  • Firion: I know he's usually in high spirits, but...Zidane sure seems to enjoy having Garnet around.
  • Vivi: Hehe, right? They're all real good friends.
  • Firion: Zidane and Steiner, too? I thought they're always fighting.
  • Steiner: Grrr! He's been pushing his luck ever since Her Majesty joined us!
  • Vivi: Yeah, look how happy he is!
  • Steiner: How can you be so lenient? Master Vivi, please have a word with him!
  • Zidane: C'mon, Rusty, don't be so uptight. Let's enjoy the journey.
  • Steiner: Yes! My thoughts exactly! Now if you would kindly return to Gaia ahead of us...!
  • Zidane: Give me a break...
  • Firion: You are rather high-strung. Maybe it's a knight thing.
  • Firion: Garnet strikes me as a strong princess.
  • Zidane: You said it, Firion!
  • Firion: You see, there's a princess I know who's in charge of an army, but it had to be such burden.
  • Firion: It's really tremendous that Garnet is fighting for her country.
  • Steiner: B-but still...!
  • Garnet: Oh, you come from royalty, too, Edge?

(The party notices Edge talking to Garnet)

  • Edge: Yes, ma'am! You're talking to the heir of the royal ninjutsu of the Kingdom of Eblan!
  • Garnet: Ninjutsu, you say? I do so enjoy hearing stories about other kingdoms.
  • Edge: Oh ho? How about we go someplace private where I can tell you more?

(Edge and Garnet leave together)

  • Steiner: Gahhh! Lord Edge! You are standing too close to Her Majesty!

(Steiner runs after them)

  • Zidane: Hold it right there, Edge!
  • Zidane: Going after Garnet is crossing the line!

(Zidane runs after them)

  • Vivi: See? I told you they're friends.
  • Firion: Ha ha ha, I certainly see the princess is a popular one.
Choral Bonds:

(Vivi arrives)

  • Vivi: It was her! Over here, guys!

(The rest of the party arrives)

  • Jecht: Yo, Garnet! 'Preciate the recital!
  • Ace: It's a beautiful song. Where did you learn it?
  • Garnet: I heard it often when I was little.
  • Garnet: When I sing this song, it warms my heart...
  • Garnet: It reminds me that I'm not alone, and gives me the strength to go on.
  • King: A favorite song from your childhood...? Sounds a lot like Ace.
  • Vivi: That's right, you sing a lot, too, don't you?
  • Ace: There's only a small bit I can remember...
  • Ace: But I also feel a mysterious comfort when I sing it.
  • Tidus: Hmmm, I get it. Songs from memory that calm you down...
  • Jecht: ...Songs, huh. S'pose you'd find something like that in every world.
  • Tidus: ...You always liked that song.
  • Garnet: People everywhere have such memories.
  • Garnet: Sir Jecht, I do so wish to hear your song. Might you sing it for me?
  • Jecht: Yeah, well, I'd love to.
  • Jecht: ...If it were that easy.
  • King: ...Sounds like it has a complicated backstory.
  • Vivi: You look a little lonely, Mister Jecht.
  • Jecht: Naw, nothing like that. It's a song everyone loved in our world. Anyone hearin' it'd feel at ease.
  • Ace: As we did, led here by Garnet's voice.
  • Ace: There's some invisible power songs may have. Even in different worlds, that power doesn't change.
  • Jecht: ...Maybe. Even if your world changes... Even if you change, ya can still hear it...
  • Tidus: It feels like we're a lot closer after hearing people outside of Spira have songs to support them.
  • Vivi: I wanna hear your song again! Would you sing it one more time?
  • Garnet: It would be my pleasure.
  • Garnet: Ahem... Haha, I'm a little nervous.
Friends of the Royal Family:
  • Garnet: ...So you also asked to be kidnapped to escape your kingdom?
  • Ashe: There was no other way for me to protect my homeland.
  • Garnet: I understand how you feel... Painfully so.
  • Cecil: Why, if it isn't Ashe and Garnet?

(Cecil and Edgar arrive)

  • Edgar: Two flowers blooming in the desert... Hm, a lovely view indeed.
  • Garnet: Blooming...? There's not a flower in sight, is there?
  • Edgar: That innocence suits you all too well, Your Highness.
  • Ashe: Edgar, you are royalty as well, yes?
  • Edgar: That is correct. I'm honored you remembered.
  • Garnet: Do you worry for your subjects back home?
  • Edgar: I'd be lying if I said I didn't.
  • Edgar: But the people of Figaro are made of sturdy stuff. They supported their country marvelously whilst I was away battling Kefka.
  • Cecil: There was never unrest or threat of invasion during your absence?
  • Edgar: Not once. We ran into a bit of engine trouble with the castle, but civil issues...
  • Edgar: Well, I suppose it'd also be a lie to say there were never any of those...

(Sabin arrives)

  • Sabin: Haha, you got that right. Things were...complicated.
  • Sabin: ...Thanks, Edgar.
  • Edgar: Come, now. Bygones are bygones. And we could get through that because of all the good help we had.
  • Edgar: A king can only be king with the support of the people around him. I'm sure you feel the same.
  • Ashe: ...Yes, I am deeply indebted to my retainers and associates.
  • Garnet: I, too, feel it's thanks to Zidane, Steiner, and the others that I can continue on.
  • Cecil: ...Thinking ever of your people and blessed with reliable allies... The citizens of your kingdoms must be happy ones.
  • Cecil: How different from the country I served. The King of Baron was great...but military might changed him.
  • Garnet: Yes... Power will change even the finest person...
  • Palom: Heeey! Cecil!

(The party spots Palom and Yang)

  • Palom: What're you doing? Get your butt over here!
  • Yang: We are soon to depart! Please make your preparations!
  • Edgar: ...Heh. You have your own reliable allies, I'd say.
  • Cecil: Huh?
  • Garnet: And a gentle heart. It seems being king might suit you, Cecil.
  • Cecil:, king? Please, do not even jest. I have no intention of instigating a coup d'état.
  • Garnet: Ah, no, I only meant you have the makings of a fine king. Forgive me.
  • Cecil: What a be king. A dark knight, not true royalty like you, has no place above others.
  • Cecil: But...why does something about it ring familiar...?
  • Cecil: A groggy feeling...of some fragment of a memory...
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  • Coincidentally, Final Fantasy IX went multiplatform on the same day this Lost Chapter was released in Global.
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