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Princess of Cornelia and its ruler. Unable to abide the dire situation she finds her kingdom in, she fearlessly charges right into the heat of battle.

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Princess Sarah is a minor character in World of Final Fantasy. She is a Grymoirian incarnation of Princess Sarah originating from the first Final Fantasy. Princess Sarah is one of the three character representatives of that game, the other two being the Warrior of Light and Garland (the latter appearing only in the Maxima version).




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Who's Who[]

CV: Brooke Lyons / Harumi Ichiryusai
Age in Grymoire: 21
Notes: Determined ruler of Cornelia / Elegant, kind, and polite / Disguises herself as a commoner to visit town
Streetwise Sovereign
Princess Sarah isn't one to warm a throne. The princess is convinced the only way to truly know her people is to walk among them.
One moment she's sneaking off into town; the next, she's rushing off to some battlefield. It's so compulsive that even she surprises herself with where she ends up. The brigade captain shadows her on these excursions to ensure her safety, but she has yet to realize it.
As for Princess Sarah's "disguise", well...she isn't fooling anyone. What she considers common clothing is actually quite fine; between that and her refined speech, she sticks out like a sore thumb. Still, the Cornelians do their best to humor her. What a warmhearted and considerate people!
Summoners and Early Cornelia
Legend says that the founder of Cornelia was a summoner, but Princess Sarah has inherited none of those abilities. Not that surprising, since in Grymoire, and especially among the Lilikin, such powers are rarely passed along family lines. In most cases, a summoner is chosen by an esper who recognizes her worth.
Records show that after Cornelia's first age, no summoners have been born in the kingdom. As a result, the guardian and familiar of the kingdom itself, the Lute of Ragnarok, has lain in a deep sleep for generations.
First World of Origin:


The following is a list of quotes uttered by Princess Sarah when talking to her inside Castle Cornelia.

  • Please make yourself right at home.
  • Greetings, friends.
  • Is something the matter?
  • I believe...that the light of hope always vanquishes the darkness of despair.




The name Sarah, (שָׂרָה in Hebrew) is the Hebrew name for "princess", or a woman of high rank.