Flan Princess.

The Princess Flan is a Field Boss in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. It appears in the Cherry Checkpoint during the second campaign.

Battle Edit

Initially, Princess Flan appears masquerading as an Armor Flan. In this form it will mostly attack with close range attacks as well as spawning multiple Lil' Flan Princesses from time to time.

After successfully emptying the Armor Flan's HP Bar, it will shed its armor to reveal a Flan Princess, earning the player the Medal Coming Out.

After its Armor is removed its fighting style will change as it will now mainly attack with long range Sonic Blasts and spitting out Lil' Flan Princesses, it will also use a spinning physical attack from time to time. Like Normal Flans, attacking it with direct kinetic attack will cause it to divide itself into Lil' Flan Princesses, which take two hits to defeat and are able to solidify into blocks, while throwing it to the ground will cause it to divide into a swarm of them so it is recommended to instead use projectiles against it as those will damage her faster.

If any Lil' Flan Princesses are left alive from its Armor Flan Stage, it will be able to fuse with them to become Jumbo Size, making it bigger and stronger, but also making the rewards from defeating it much greater, also allowing it to reach its growth will award a medal when it reaches its growth limit.

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