Primus Island is a location in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. This is the first region of the game, the shortest of them all and can be explored in the first chapter of the story mode.

This region is located in an island full with forests and plains and that is divided in two thanks to a mountain range located in the middle of it. A river is born in the range and reaches the sea in the southern part of the island.

Primus Island is located at the south of Deserta Ruins' continent, at the west of Maritia Palace's island and at the east of the continent where both the Old Castle Tronus and the Snowy Range Kulderis are located. Also, two entrances to the Void are near the island, one headed for the Esper World at the southwest and the other one located at the northeast which content eventually changes. Also, at the northwest, floating in the air, there's the Chapter Selection Temple.

Story cutscenes

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The Very Beginning:
  • Materia: From memory comes great power—the power to protect entire worlds...
  • Materia: With this power and you, Mog, we can...we should be able to save this world.
  • Mog: You can count on me, kupo!
  • Mog: I shall lead our heroes to the Torsions' epicenter!
  • Mog: Together we will eradicate the threat and bring whoever is responsible for this madness to justice!
  • Materia: It will not be nearly so easy as you think.
  • Materia: The heroes you speak of are scattered across realms, each looking to fulfill their own destinies.
  • Mog: Don't you worry, kupo! I've got it covered!
  • Mog: I've already found four warriors willing to fight for our cause.
  • Materia: I see them now. The mighty Warrior of Light...
  • Materia: A young boy who harbors tremendous magical powers...
  • Materia: A man whose love for his family surpasses all...
  • Materia: And a young girl who has grown into herself during a time of war...
  • Mog: And that makes four, kupo!
  • Materia: Indeed. It seems you are more than equal to the task.
  • Materia: Time, however, is not on your side.
  • Materia: Even as we speak, the Torsions continue to spread and evolve at an unprecedented rate.
  • Mog: Which is precisely why I must leave soon, kupo! Before I go, though, I have one question. What of Master Spiritus?
  • Materia: What of him?
  • Mog: You know he is plotting something, kupo! Should we not move to stop him?
  • Mog: Or do you not trust me enough to tell me, kupo...?
  • Materia: He and I... We are as day and night—eternally divorced.
  • Materia: But he is none of your concern.
  • Mog: What if our methods of dealing with this issue were to collide with his plans?
  • Materia: I trust that your warriors will find a way to overcome any problems that may arise.
  • Materia: They will be guided by the light after all.
  • Mog: ...Very well, kupo.
  • Mog: Now I really must get going. Already another Torsion has opened!
  • Materia: Go forth, and see that the world is not met with destruction.
  • Mog: Leave it to me, kupo!
  • Materia: These Torsions destroy even the cycle of battle.
  • Materia: I only hope that it is not too late.
  • Materia: If the world were to fall to ruin, it would mean I have failed as protector and god...
The Warrior of Light:
  • Garland: Pathetic.
  • Warrior of Light: Nnh...!
  • Garland: With you out of the way, the light shall soon succumb to darkness! Then there will be no stopping me!
  • Garland: Now begone from this world!

(Garland slays the Warrior of Light)

  • Rem: Are you all right?

(The Warrior of Light awakens with Rem, Vivi and Mog by his side)

  • Warrior of Light: I?
  • Vivi: M-monsters! Over there!
During 1-1 Prairie Winds Pt. 1:
  • Warrior of Light: A Goblin? Allow me to handle this.
  • Mog: Kupo! Then allow me to teach you how to fight!

(Tutorial: BRV Attacks, HP Attacks, BRV Breaks, Final Blow)

  • Mog: Kupo!? More enemies!?
  • Vivi: L-let us help!
  • Warrior of Light: Thank you.

(Tutorial: Switching Targets)

  • Mog: That Goblin doesn't have much bravery. You might be able to inflict a BRV Break, kupo!
A New Beginning:
  • Mog: To think that you were able to take on such fearsome beasts and live to tell the tale... You're incredible, kupo!
  • Rem: Sir, are you all right? Earlier you seemed—
  • Warrior of Light: I'm fine. Thank you... Rem, was it?
  • Rem: Yes. And this is—
  • Vivi: Vivi. I am Vivi.
  • Vivi: Mog found and rescued me when I was first transported to this world.
  • Warrior of Light: So you, too, are warriors possessed of the light, brought here for some explicit purpose?
  • Mog: That's correct, kupo!
  • Mog: Lately, Torsions have been threatening the safety of our world. You're our last hope of finding and closing them, kupo!
  • Vivi: The monsters appeared from one of these Torsions, didn't they?
  • Rem: And we're the only ones who can seal them?
  • Rem: I feel that's far beyond our capabilities.
  • Mog: You can do it, kupo! Have a little faith.
  • Mog: There's a small Torsion nearby. Let's make our way there and seal it off, kupo.
  • Vivi: Okay!
  • Mog: I'll assist you in any way I can, kupo.
  • Warrior of Light: Very good. We shall be counting on your support, then.
During 1-2 Prairie Winds Pt. 2:
  • Mog: The knock back icon is your chance to perform a chain attack, kupo!

(Tutorial: Knock Backs)

During 1-3 Prairie Winds Pt. 3:
  • Mog: Oh no! A Flan, kupo! Good thing it's weak to Vivi's Fire spell!
  • Vivi: F-Fire? Okay, I'll give it a try!

(Tutorial: Vivi uses Fire to BRV Break the Flan)

  • Mog: Good job! Keep it up, kupo!
During 1-4 Prairie Winds Pt. 4:
  • Mog: It's an Iron Giant, kupo! One strike from that thing can be trouble!
  • Mog: Use Shining Shield to protect Vivi, kupo!
The World as We Knew It:
  • Mog: Look! We closed it, kupo!
  • Vivi: Now we don't need to worry about those monsters anymore.
  • Rem: No, Vivi. You forget that there's more than one Torsion.
  • Mog: Indeed, kupo! They've been cropping up all across the land.
  • Warrior of Light: And it is our duty to ensure that each and every one of them is closed.
  • Mog: You won't be alone! We'll find more people along the way who can help us, kupo!
  • ???: Hey!
  • Warrior of Light: Is that man a friend of yours?
  • Vivi: Mister! We're over here!
  • ???: Sorry 'bout that! Was busy inspecting the area.
  • Mog: Did you find anything, kupo?
  • Sazh: Yeah. There's a big Torsion up ahead. Bet that's where all the monsters are coming from.
  • Mog: Kupopo! We only just closed one and you're telling me there's another, bigger one nearby!?
  • Mog: Good grief, kupo... Well, I suppose it's nothing we can't handle together!
  • Rem: Once we eradicate all the Torsions, will we be able to return to our respective worlds?
  • Vivi: Yes, I'm certain of it! That's why we have to do our best to help them!
  • Mog: That's the spirit, kupo! Now that Sazh is back, we can go and close the next Torsion!
  • Warrior of Light: When this is all over...
  • Warrior of Light: I wonder if there will even be a world left for me to return to...
  • ???: Filthy rats.
  • ???: Little do they know, should all go according to plan, soon they'll be dancing to the beat of my drum.
  • ???: Oh, what a spectacular show it will be!
During 1-5 Where the Dead Sleep Pt. 1:
  • Mog: Red Bats are pesky creatures that use Flap to dodge your attacks!
  • Mog: But Sazh's ability Aim will hit the enemy every time, kupo!
During 1-6 Where the Dead Sleep Pt. 2:
  • Mog: Kupo... Skeletons unleash a frightening attack after using Brace.
  • Mog: But inflicting a BRV Break will smash it into pieces, leaving it vulnerable for a few turns!
An Unexpected Encounter:
  • Sazh: Nasty bats nearly had us back there. Dodge every attack you throw at 'em.
  • Mog: That's why we need as many allies as possible, kupo!
  • Vivi: Look—there's someone over there!
  • ???: Who's there!?
  • Mog: P-please, kupo! Lower your fists! We mean you no harm!
  • ???: ...You don't appear to be dangerous.
  • Sazh: We're not, but I wouldn't blame you if you turned and ran the other way. Just look at us—a talking moogle, a knight...
  • ???: You, on the other hand, seem fairly...normal. What is this place?
  • Warrior of Light: While I cannot answer that with any certainty, what I can tell you is that none of us are natives of this land.
  • ???: You mean...this isn't my world?
  • Sazh: No, it isn't. It's dangerous for a little lady like you to be wandering this place alone.
  • ???: I'm not alone. My friends are here, too. We got separated earlier.
  • ???: I've been searching for them, but I keep running into monsters.
  • Mog: Kupo... Up until recently, our land was a peaceful one.
  • Mog: It was only after the Torsions started to appear that the beasts began terrorizing us.
  • Mog: But I have hope that tranquility will soon be restored by the light, kupo!
  • Warrior of Light: Perhaps she too possesses the light.
  • ???: ...I do?
  • Mog: Yes! Yes, indeed, kupo!
  • Vivi: Maybe you can join us, miss?
  • ???: Hm... Yes, maybe I should.
  • ???: Perhaps then I'll finally be able to find my friends.
  • Tifa: I'm Tifa. I look forward to working with you.
  • Mog: Welcome aboard, kupo! You look like you can take out more than a few skeletons with those fists!
  • Mog: This is fantastic, kupo! Once again our numbers have grown and soon we'll be closing Torsions faster than ever before!
  • Warrior of Light: Caution, friends. Someone is nearby.
  • Tifa: Wait! That's...
  • Tifa: Cloud!
  • Cloud: Tifa?
  • Tifa: Thank goodness it's you! I've been looking all over for you!
  • Mog: You know him, kupo?
  • Mog: Well, that makes my job easier! Hello, Mr. Spiky-Head!
  • Cloud: A moogle that can talk?
  • Tifa: Well, the world we're in right now is—
  • Warrior of Light: Now is not the time. It seems we have company.
  • Cloud: Stand back. I've got this.
  • Tifa: Cloud! You're not alone anymore! Let us help you.
  • Mog: Why won't anyone listen to me, kupo?
Together We Forge On:
  • Warrior of Light: You were quick to defeat those enemies. I'm impressed.
  • Tifa: Cloud, what you're doing is reckless!
  • Tifa: You don't know anything about this let's stick together, okay?
  • Mog: She's right, kupo! Besides, you possess the will of the light. We can save this world together.
  • Cloud: Not interested.
  • Mog: Kupo!?
  • Sazh: Looks like other worlds also have their fair share of strongheaded soldiers who take on way too much alone.
  • Sazh: Cloud, was it? What's your game plan?
  • Cloud: There's someone I need to settle things with.
  • Sazh: And do you have any idea where this someone is? Sure you don't need any help?
  • Sazh: This moogle's the only one who knows anything about this world. Besides, what've you gotta lose?
  • Cloud: Maybe you're right.
  • Cloud: All right, I'll go with you. Just don't get in my way.
  • Sazh: We won't. We're on your side.
  • Mog: Then it's settled! Great having you aboard, kupo!
  • Tifa: Looks like it's you and me again!
  • Mog: The more the merrier! You can never have too many friends, kupo!
The Lost Boy:
  • ???: *Sigh* Is there no end to this place?
  • ???: Why me? Why do bad things always happen to me?
  • Sazh: Huh? Is that...!?
  • ???: Wait. Is that an exit over there?
  • Mog: Do you know him, kupo?
  • Sazh: Do I know him? He's one of my buddies from my world!
  • Mog: Kupopo! I sensed a strong will of the light from him!
  • Sazh: But he's still just a kid, you know? I mean, he's older than Vivi...
  • Vivi: You're really worried about him, aren't you?
  • Sazh: Yeah, I have a son of my own, so I can't just... Sorry, this isn't the time to be getting sentimental.
  • Warrior of Light: Getting out of here alone is not a simple task. We must find him quickly.
  • Mog: Let's help him and get him to join us, kupo!
The Light of Hope:
  • Sazh: Hope!
  • Hope: Sazh!
  • Hope: Where are we? And who are they? And why are they—
  • Sazh: Relax, relax. They may look a little different, but they're on our side.
  • Mog: Your name's Hope, kupo?
  • Hope: Did that moogle just talk? This is some kind of ultra-realistic toy...right?
  • Mog: I'm not a toy, kupo! More importantly, I have something I need to tell you!
  • Mog: ...And that's the situation we're in right now, kupo.
  • Warrior of Light: And you, Hope, also possess the will of the light. You are one of us.
  • Hope: The will of the light? M-me? Are you sure?
  • Mog: I'm positive, kupo! Trust me.
  • Sazh: At any rate, we gotta do something about this world if we ever plan on going back to our own.
  • Sazh: So come with us. It's safer that way, you know?
  • Sazh: Besides, you'd be doing us a favor! We could use your skills.
  • Hope: All right, I'm in.
  • Hope: I'll do what I can to help.
The Cultured Conjurer:
  • Mog: Hello, kupo! What are you doing?
  • ???: ...A moogle? Your kind do not live in the neighboring regions, do they?
  • Mog: No. Why, kupo?
  • ???: Good.
  • ???: This forest's aether is corrupted. I can only hope that the taint has not spread much further beyond this area.
  • Mog: Corrupted aether...? Oh, because of the Torsions! That's where the dark energy is spilling from. We're here to close them!
  • ???: Torsions?
  • Mog: Yes, they serve as an interdimensional portal to our world. That's where the dark energy and scary monsters are coming from, kupo.
  • ???: That would explain the sinister presence I felt earlier.
  • Mog: The will of the light radiates strongly from you. Will you help us, kupo?
  • ???: Hm... Working with a group would certainly facilitate my investigation.
  • Mog: Hooray, ku—!
  • ???: I am afraid, however, that I must decline. There is another matter I must attend to first.
  • Mog: What if we can help you? Would you join us then?
  • ???: Perhaps. But before we discuss this any further, I ask that you draw your swords.
  • ???: It seems we've been joined by a few uninvited guests.
The Search Continues:
  • Mog: A-are they gone, kupo?
  • ???: I believe so. I can no longer feel their presence.
  • Mog: Good! So what do you say? Will you join us, kupo?
  • ???: Having witnessed your incredible strength first-hand, I would be honored to call you allies.
  • ???: Please allow me to properly introduce myself. I am Y'shtola.
  • Y'shtola: I am well versed in the art of Conjury, and believe my talents will serve you well.
  • Mog: How exciting, kupo! Another friend possessed of the light has agreed to lend a hand to our cause!
  • Y'shtola: I take it that having this light is essential to one's ability to close Torsions?
  • Mog: That's right, kupo! ...But I don't know how it works...
  • Y'shtola: Fascinating... Perhaps there is more to this world than meets the eye.
Darkness Descends:
  • Rem: I have a bad feeling about this. The monsters in this area are acting very strangely.
  • Mog: That means there's a Torsion nearby, kupo!
  • Warrior of Light: Yes. I can feel it...and something else.
  • Warrior of Light: Everyone, be on your guard. There is something far more malevolent than mere monsters lurking about.
  • Vivi: M-more malevolent than monsters!? I don't like the sound of that...
  • Vivi: Wait! Please don't leave me behind!
  • ???: Ah... There you are.
  • ???: *Sigh*
  • ???: Why must you insist on always ruining my fun?
During 1-9 The Dark Forest Pt. 2:
  • Mog: That was a close one, kupo! Counter with a summon!

(Tutorial: Summons)

The World Beyond:
  • Cloud: Is that it?
  • Sazh: And more importantly did getting rid of it solve our monster problem?
  • Tifa: I think so. Their numbers seem to have diminished at the very least.
  • Y'shtola: You must remember, however, that this is not the only Torsion that plagues this world.
  • Mog: Indeed, kupo! Our job is far from over.
  • Mog: But if we continue working together I'm sure we'll accomplish our goal in no time!
  • Tifa: Then let's keep going.
  • Mog: Yes, kupo! Our next destination: the lands beyond the northern sea!
  • Mog: And before you ask how we're going to get there, we'll be going by airship, kupo!
  • Sazh: Airship? Excellent. That's just my style.
  • Cloud: Are you a pilot or something?
  • Hope: Only the best! How could you tell?
  • Cloud: I have a friend a lot like him.
  • Sazh: Let's go! I can't wait to see how this baby flies!
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1-1: Prairie Winds Pt. 1

1-2: Prairie Winds Pt. 2

1-3: Prairie Winds Pt. 3

1-4: Windy Plains 04

1-5: Cave of the Sleeping Dead 01

1-6: Cave of the Sleeping Dead 02

1-7: Cave of the Sleeping Dead 03

Optional Stage: A Small Fight 1-1

Cloud's Route: Outer Plains

Hope's Route: Depths of the Cave

Y'shtola's Route: Deceitful Apparition

1-8: Gloomy Forest 01

Optional Stage: A Small Fight 1-2

1-9: Gloomy Forest 02


There are two locked gateways located on Primus Island.

  • The first one can be found by beating the "Cave of the Sleeping Dead 02" and appears at the same time as "Optional Stage: A Small Fight 1-1" and the first cutscene of "Cloud's Route". It can be unlocked by recruiting Cloud.
  • The second one can be found by beating the Cave of the Sleeping Dead 03 and appears at the same time as the first cutscene of "Y'shtola's Route". It can be unlocked by recruiting both Hope and Y'sthola.

Treasure Chests

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Obtainable Characters


Primus is Latin for "first".

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