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Primus Island is a location in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. This is the first region of the game, the shortest of them all and can be explored in the first chapter of the story mode.

This region is located in an island full with forests and plains and that is divided in two thanks to a mountain range located in the middle of it. A river is born in the range and reaches the sea in the southern part of the island.

Primus Island is located at the south of the continent where the Ruins of Deserta are located, at the west of the island of the Palace of Malitia and at the east of the continent where both the Lost Kingdom of Thronus and the Snowy Peaks of Crudelis are located.

Story cutscenesEdit


1-1 Prairie Winds Pt. 1Edit

1-2 Prairie Winds Pt. 2Edit

1-3 Prairie Winds Pt. 3Edit

1-4 Prairie Winds Pt. 4Edit

1-5 Where the Dead Sleep Pt. 1Edit

1-6 Where the Dead Sleep Pt. 2Edit

1-7 Where the Dead Sleep Pt. 3Edit

Quick Encounter Pt. 1-1Edit

Outskirts of the MeadowEdit

This encounter leads to recruiting Cloud.

Where the Dead Sleep: FinalEdit

This encounter leads to recruiting Hope.

Wavering TrailsEdit

This encounter leads to recruiting Y'shtola.

1-8 The Dark Forest Pt. 1Edit

Quick Encounter Pt. 1-2Edit

1-9 The Dark Forest Pt. 2Edit


There are two locked gateways located on Primus Island.

  • The first one can be found by beating "Where the Dead Sleep Pt. 2". It unlocks upon recruiting Cloud.
  • The second one can be found by beating "Where the Dead Sleep Pt. 3". It unlocks upon recruiting both Hope and Y'sthola.

Treasure ChestsEdit

  • Behind Quick Encounter 1-1 is a chest with High Power Orb x3.
  • Behind Wavering Trails is a chest with 2000 gil.

Obtainable charactersEdit


Primus is Latin for "first."

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