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Galenth Dysley, the Primarch.

Primarch (偉大法王, Idai Hōō?, lit. Great Pope) is the head of the government, the Sanctum, in Final Fantasy XIII. Galenth Dysley is the current Primarch. He is the head and representative of the Sanctum, and is said to be the one to communicate with the fal'Cie Eden who gives advice and guidance, but restrains from direct influence.


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Galenth Dysley is an elderly man who appears deeply concerned over Cocoon's citizens. His voice is broadcast over the loudspeakers during the Purge explaining its necessity, and he later appears on TV saying the same thing.

It is later revealed that Dysley is an avatar for the fal'Cie Barthandelus, proving the position of Primarch nothing but a puppet position. Dysley resigns and places Cid Raines as the new Primarch in line, however, Raines—having been made Barthandelus's l'Cie—is only playing a role in Barthandelus's plan to lure the fugitive Pulse l'Cie back into Cocoon. Raines is killed by the Cavalry.

According to a Brain Blast quiz question in Final Fantasy XIII-2, the first female Primarch to represent the Sanctum was Ivory Marilia.

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Other media[]

Lightning alludes to the position of Primarch in Dissidia 012 Prologus Final Fantasy.



In the Japanese version, the position is known as the Great Pope. The Pope is the highest-ranking clergy within the Roman Catholic Church, with it spanning back to the days of Saint Peter.

The Primarch when addressed by his followers is referred to as "Your Eminence." Eminence, similar to Majesty, was a style of reference used for high nobility, although in this case, it was generally reserved for high-ranking clergy within a religion, such as the Pope or Primarch.