Prima Donna is a clan in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. They are also a musical band, which results in a large fan following. This group is so famous the stores even sell Prima Donna undies and several other merchandises, which was one of the options at a mission named Bonga Bugle - Bloodfire.

They are comprised of four female members; two viera and two gria. They are known to travel alone, but are a formidable group when all four members are present. They appear frequently during clan tournaments, reaching as far as the Jylland Cup. According to the results of the various cups, they are the third strongest clan in Ordalia and the fifth strongest clan in Jylland. They are on generally good terms with Clan Gully, and the two groups seem to share a friendly rivalry.

Members[edit | edit source]

Aluette[edit | edit source]


Aluette (アルエット, Aruetto?), a viera Fencer who attacks ranged units by using Nighthawk. She can also heal units with Earth Heal as she can perform Elemental Magick.

Lili[edit | edit source]


Lili (リリー, Rirī?), a gria Hunter who usually uses Advice in battle. Her most prominent method of attacking, though, is by using Geomancer spells.

Mayhew[edit | edit source]


Mayhew (マユ, Mayu?), a gria Raptor. She teaches Clan Gully the Raptor job class in the mission Instrument of Inspiration. At that mission it was shown that she plays a concertina. Of the four members of Prima Donna, she interacts with Clan Gully more than the other three, and is also the friendliest and closest to the clan.

Valentyne[edit | edit source]


Valentyne (バレンタイン, Barentain?), a viera Spellblade has counter and she equips the Blood Sword. She is distinguished with a beauty mark below her mouth.

Devotees[edit | edit source]

Prima Donna are followed by two devotees, who are completely obsessed with the group.

Devotee[edit | edit source]

Devotee is a low-level seeq Lanista that is crazy about Prima Donna. He aids Prima Donna in the quests Instrument of Inspiration and Kidnapped along with Devotee Jr. He is the one who gives the Lanista class in the mission A Lanista's Pride after fighting the Bonga Bugle staff, who insulted his father's and his grandfather's skills as a fighter by saying Lanista is the most inferior of the seeq classes.

Devotee Jr.[edit | edit source]

Devotee Jr. is a low-level moogle Time Mage. He is very weak and can be KO'd in one or two hits. He and Devotee can be interviewed in Bonga Bungle - Blackfrost.

As a side note, the devotees were the group responsible for the thefts in the quests Camoa Nightwatch, Graszton Nightwatch, Moorabella Nightwatch, Goug Nightwatch, and Fluorgis Nightwatch. Completing all these quests led to the quest Wanted: Devotees. It was revealed that the devotees were attempting to steal Prima Donna merchandise. However, as they used a group of Baknamy to do the actual thieving, they only obtained junk. After they're defeated at the Ruins of Delgantua, Clan Gully asked the Devotees to stop the theft which they whole heartily accept and promised to less enthusiastically support the Prima Donna although the latter is not so "believable".

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy XII[edit | edit source]

Although the Prima Donna group is never seen, a single member seems to make an appearance upon the Skyferry. A seeq in the Saloon says that he has been following a viera dancer around, similar to the Devotees' behavior. While the viera dancer cannot be interacted with, her model seems to be unique and different from other viera, and could be either Aluette or Valentyne.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

A prima donna, meaning "first woman (ie. "lady") in Italian, was the leading singer in a opera company, the person to whom the prime roles would be given. Traditionally, these women were often regarded as egotistical, unreasonable and irritable, with a rather high opinion of themselves not shared by others.

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