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H-hold on here! I'm a former general, not some opera floozy!

Celes Chere on subbing for a prima donna

Prima Donna was a quick-play single-track Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


This event recalled the tale of General Celes Chere as she fought with her allies versus her former leader, Gestahl, and his devilish court mage turned megalomaniacal sadist Kefka, from her rescue at South Figaro to the confrontation on the Floating Continent.

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This event pays homage to the plot point involving Opera "Maria and Draco". Celes reluctantly agrees to become a decoy for the prima donna in the opera in order to commandeer Setzer's Blackjack. The party is on a mission to the Imperial seat at Vector to rescue espers seized years earlier. Despite bouts of stage fright and a threat from Orthros, Celes manages a stellar performance in one of the Final Fantasy series' most beloved cinematic sequences.

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"Celes' Theme" was chosen as the main theme for this event.



A prima donna, meaning "first woman (ie. "lady") in Italian, was the leading singer in a opera company, the person to whom the prime roles would be given. Traditionally, these women were often regarded as egotistical, unreasonable and irritable, with a rather high opinion of themselves not shared by others.