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Large-scale robotic weapon. Development was discontinued because it was deemed too dangerous. Chadley used the project data to recreate a prototype within virtual reality.

Enemy Intel

The Pride and Joy Prototype is an optional superboss in Final Fantasy VII Remake, fought at the end of the "Three-Person Team vs. Top Secrets" challenge in the Shinra Combat Simulator in chapter 17, "Deliverance from Chaos", on hard mode. Defeating it earns the Götterdämmerung accessory that allows the wearer to start all encounters with a full limit break gauge and their limit recharges faster during battle, coupling excellently with the Refocus Materia Refocus Materia.

To face the Pride and Joy Prototype, the party must survive a gauntlet of summon battles, beginning with Shiva, followed by Fat Chocobo, Leviathan, and Bahamut (who will also summon Ifrit).

The boss appears to be a prototype of the Proud Clod boss from the original Final Fantasy VII, hailed as the crown jewel of Shinra's weapon development.

An improved version of it, called Pride and Joy Mk 0.5, can be fought in "Episode INTERmission", also in the Shinra Combat Simulator.



Physical damage = Physical damage
Magic damage = Magical damage
Attack Phase Description Block KB(Knockback)
Physical damageDouble Machine Gun All Fires with machine guns. Y N
Magic damageKnee Fire All Sprays Fire Fire from its knees. Y N
Magic damageAnkle Fire All Blasts Fire Fire from ankles while hunched over. Y Y
Physical damageBrutal Tackle All Stomps with foot. Y Y
Physical damageBrute Force All Topples, crushing those in vicinity. N Y
Magic damageBeam Cannon All Charges for 3 seconds and releases a beam from shoulder cannons. N Y
Physical damageStomp All Jumps to the side or behind, damaging those in vicinity. Y N
Physical damageCatch 2–3 Binds a target (anyone else who comes in contact with the hand will also take damage) and continues as usual; if it sustains 8% of its arms' max HP in damage, it will squeeze the bound target. After 3 times, its arms or one of its legs run out of health and it topples, it will release its target. If not, it will eventually smash them to the ground for 30 seconds. N Y
Magic damageNapalm Shot 2–3 Shoots napalm that explodes and creates pools of Fire Fire that persist for 30 seconds. N N
Magic damageSpark Whip 2–3 Sweeps a beam of Lightning Lightning from left to right, stunning those that come into contact for 8 seconds. Y N
Magic damageJammer Laser 2–3 Shoots colored lasers in 3 directions that inflict status ailments.
Pink: Stop Stop for 8 seconds
Red: Silence Silence for 60 seconds and Sedate Sedate
Blue: Sleep Sleep for 40 seconds
Purple: Poison Poison for 240 seconds and Slow Slow for 40 seconds
Magic damageStun Blast 3 Shoots a fa-shaped wave that inflicts stun for 8 seconds. N N


Pride and Joy Prototype uses powerful beam attacks, grapples the party, and uses bursts of fire damage in melee range. It can pick a party member up in its hand, taking them out of battle for a time, and likely killing them unless the player manages to deal enough damage during the window for it to release them. Pride and Joy Prototype moves slowly and its different body parts are separately targetable. When it topples on the floor, the player can attack all its parts.

The Pride and Joy Prototype is weak to Lightning Lightning and resists Fire Fire and Wind Wind, using some fire attacks itself. Its jammer attack inflicts those it hits with various status ailments. It targets the character the player is controlling, incentivizing quick character-swapping. The boss's beam cannon has great range but narrow area of effect, and can be avoided by moving to the side from its range; if it hits, it will do severe damage even when blocking.


It is important to switch between characters often, having one character (Cloud with Counterstance, or Barret) take the heat, then switch to another character to attack it from behind (Tifa, or Cloud depending on party composition and the boss's current target), taking advantage of its slow movement speed and how most of its attacks target the front of the robot; this way the party can get in some attacks raise their ATB. When the boss raises its arms, it will use an attack that damages even those behind it, but the player can dodge-roll or run away, or simply absorb the attack as it is not one of the stronger ones. When it charges for the Beam Cannon, the player can easily move behind the boss.

With Fire Materia Fire Materia + Elemental Materia Elemental Materia on melee attackers' armor, they will be healed when the boss uses its fire attacks if the elemental materia is maxed out. This set-up is also useful in the previous round against Bahamut and Ifrit. If the party does not have fire protection, avoiding the pools of fire is needed; the player can move further away and use ranged attacks and magic. Stacking the party with HP Up Materia HP Up Materia helps, and is likely needed to survive the previous round in the gauntlet. Magnify Materia Magnify Materia can be paired with Barrier Materia Barrier Materia or Healing Materia Healing Materia. Revival Materia Revival Materia is good to have on two party members. Haste Haste is a good buffing spell to use.

If Aerith is in the party, she can use Arcane Ward from a safe distance and cast Thundaga Thundaga to deal considerable damage. She can pair her Lightning Materia Lightning Materia with HP Absorption Materia HP Absorption Materia and/or MP Absorption Materia MP Absorption Materia, and possibly also equip Magic Up Materia Magic Up Materia and/or MP Up Materia MP Up Materia. If any other characters have lightning, they can also join her on the ward, though it is better to keep the boss's focus off Aerith so she can cast without interruption. When she runs low on MP she can use Soul Drain to replenish.

Pride and Joy Prototype staggered.

Pride and Joy Prototype is simpler to defeat than Bahamut, but is again a battle of endurance. It is best to prioritize having high HP over dealing damage and unleash all attacks in stagger: Cloud can raise ATB while in Punisher Mode, holding down Square to gain Berserk Berserk and then using Infinity's End; Tifa can raise the boss's stagger bonus damage with Triangle attacks and True Strike; Aerith can hit it with Thundaga, preferably from an Arcane Ward, or use Ray of Judgment; Barret can use Maximum Fury with a full ATB gauge. When the boss staggers is also a good time to use any offensive limit breaks; Cloud can again gain Berserk from Punisher Mode to boost his limit break damage and Tifa can do Starshower first to boost hers—Tifa's Dolphin Flurry is especially potent.


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