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Prevent the Fall of the Plate[1] is the sixth chapter in Final Fantasy VII, part of the first act, "Banner of Revolution". Having learned from Don Corneo that the Shinra Electric Power Company intend to destroy Sector 7 by dropping the plate on it, Cloud Strife, Aerith Gainsborough, and Tifa Lockhart travel to the Sector 7 Slums immediately to prevent the plate from falling.



After plummeting down to the Sewer field map from Don Corneo's bedroom trapdoor, Cloud will then talk to Aeris or Tifa. Who the player chooses to talk to will slightly improve Cloud's score with them in date mechanics. Following a conversation, they will then encounter the boss Aps. Aps has fairly high HP, and its attack Sewer Tsunami will deal considerable damage to all members of the party, but also to Aps as well. Aps is weak to Fire, meaning that casting the Fire spell is effective, though the player will want to heal if they are looking low. The fight is mostly an endurance battle, and Aps should go down after a prolonged battle.

After defeating Aps, the party must navigate through the sewers, where Ceasars and Sahagins can be encountered. Both enemies have relatively high HP, but deal little damage of their own, and can be defeated quickly with the Ice spell which Ceasars are weak to.

To leave the sewers, head through the trapdoor at the northeast corner of the screen to the Sector 7 portion of the sewers. The Steal Materia should be obtained just before the trapdoor. At the end of this, take the ladder out to leave the sewers and enter the Train Graveyard.

Train Graveyard[]

After arriving in the Train Graveyard through the manhole from the sewers, Cloud, Tifa, and Aeris must navigate through the Train Graveyard to link up with AVALANCHE again. The group starts in the southern segment of the Train Graveyard. Here, the Cripshay, Deenglow, and Ghost are fought. If fought with magic, the party should use Fire, as Ghost is weak to it, and Deenglow absorbs Ice. Each of the enemies deal moderate damage, and can be defeated in a few physical hits by Cloud and Tifa, while Aeris focuses on casting spells. Ghosts can disappear briefly after an attack, so should be killed quickly with a Fire spell. The Steal Materia should be equipped; for now, it can steal a Ghost Hand from the Ghosts, but a more important steal becomes available in the northern segment. Additionally, several items can be obtained from the barrels around the Train Graveyard.

To navigate through the south segment, Cloud must first climb the ladder on the train closest to the manhole, and run across to the end and jump onto the fallen metal structure. He must then descend left down the metal structure, and run forward and across right to another train, which he must run down through and right across to the final train on the eastern side. After this, Cloud must run north through the last train (climbing a couple ladders along the way to reach an open door to get inside), leading them to the north segment.

In the north segment, the party must navigate from east to west. Here, the Striking Staff can be stolen from Eligor. Eligor is a fairly challenging opponent with high HP, but is worth fighting to steal Striking Staff alone, and can be defeated with magic.

To navigate through the north segment, Cloud must enter the first train that appears and move it, causing it to hit another train which will move also. He must then run around to the furthest train at the back and enter it to move it backwards, creating a bridge that will allow Cloud to run across that train and to reach the back, where he can then run west to Sector 7.

Sector 7 pillar[]

Battle background.

After returning to the Sector 7 Slums, a scene commences as AVALANCHE fight Shinra at the Support Pillar. Following a scene, Aeris leaves the party, and the player controls Cloud and Tifa as they run up the stairs of the Support Pillar to the top. Along the stair climb, the player can talk to Biggs and Jessie, and may encounter Aero Combatants. These are flying enemies that have a fair amount of HP, and initially deal considerable damage. After being attacked, they have a 50% chance to drop down the floor, where they deal less damage of their own, but are more resistant to magic attacks. Physical attacks can be used against them in either case.

After reaching the top of the pillar, the player must talk to Barret, and can then equip Barret with any Materia left over. At least one character should have Restore equipped for the next boss fight. After this, a scene will commence, following which a boss will occur against Turks:Reno. This boss is capable of using Pyramid to trap a party member, freezing them until the pyramid is broken by another party member using a physical attack. Beyond this, Turks:Reno can occasionally paralyze a character with Electro-mag Rod. The player should focus on physical attacks and healing, and avoid casting Bolt due to Turks:Reno's resistance to it and chance to counter-attack with Electro-mag Rod. Though other spells can be used effectively, physical attacks are sufficient to defeat the boss.

Following the boss battle, a scene will occur. After talking to Barret, Cloud, Tifa, and Barret will use a zip wire to escape to Sector 6, where the next mission, Aeris's Secret, begins.