FFBE wiki icon Precursor is a job introduced in the global versions of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.


Precursors are a group of different individuals, which while not having a direct connection with one another (at least that is openly known), they all have a common trait: They are defenders of justice who protect the weak and fight the forces of evil, battling a specific enemy that serves as the Precursor's respective arch-nemesis at times called the Great Destroyers.

Their stories and major battles are narrated in each Precursor's debut event. The incarnations of doomsday appear prominently in the Chamber of the Vengeful as Trial battles, which reenact their climatic clashes (with stat bonus for the respective event's featured units including the Precursors themselves).

Although their feats and adventures have no defined link with the main story, they do, however, impact the universe lore.

List of Precursors

  • Esther: Precursor of the Storm, a hero of her homeworld and master of the Lightning element. She saved mankind by fighting the dreaded Eggsterminator, sealing the monster. Her battle transported her into a different timeline, in which the seal has weakened so she is set to fight her enemy once more, now with Sylvie's aid.
  • Elena: Precursor of the Aurora, and dubbed as the Warrior of the Crystal. Elena is known in Paladia as the protagonist of a popular visual novel known as "Fundamental Forces" which depicts her battle against Morgana, self proclaimed "Empress of Virtue" and holder of the Dark Crystal who selfishly kills people she deems as sinful to create her "Empire of Virtue". Elena evokes power from Astraea a crystal fastened on her left arm that she can shape into a blade.
  • Kaito: Precursor of the Sea, a hero of his homeworld, and a skilled swordsman with powerful hydrokinetic abilities, yet a man of few words. He fought and sealed the dreaded Obake Lantern, but the sealing ritual transported him into the present where he landed on a shrine guarded by Tsukiko causing quite a commotion for which she reprimanded him for. This left a deep impression on him so he decides to stay and help her carry her duties.
  • Karten: Precursor of the Shadow, a Lycanthrope who was cursed into his current self by a witch jealous of his affection towards a certain fox maiden. He became bitter and resentful, blinded by rage but came back to his senses when the Great Destroyers appeared, facing the Ghouligan. He was soon transported into Gordea's timeline, where he vows to fight evil alongside her in exchange of her knowledge that could help him become human again.
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