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Single slot. Pre-Emptive is an Independent Materia in Final Fantasy VII. When equipped, it increases the chance of a random encounter being a pre-emptive strike in which the player gets to act first. This chance increases as the Materia levels up. At max level, it halves the chance of getting an Ambush or Back Attack formations, though this only works when the player place the Pre-Emptive Materia on their final party member. The effect stacks up to 33%.


Pre-Emptive is earned as a Battle Square prize. It costs 10240 BP before obtaining the Tiny Bronco, 6400 BP after, and 1000 after obtaining the Highwind.

During the Nibelheim flashback, Cloud has Pre-Emptive equipped.


Level AP required Effect
1 0 +6% chance of preemptive strike.
2 8000 +9% chance of preemptive strike.
3 20000 +11% chance of preemptive strike.
4 40000 +13% chance of preemptive strike.
5 80000 +19% chance of preemptive strike. The effect can be stacked with multiple Pre-Emptive Materia up to +33%. Also halves the chance of getting the Ambush and Back Attack special formations when equipped on the third character.


Pre-Emptive increases the chance of starting a battle with a preemptive strike. This can make level grinding easier, as enemies can be killed more quickly while sustaining less damage. It can also make it easier to capture Chocobos as it allows the player to give a Chocobo greens quickly before they have a chance to run off. Pre-Emptive is a useful Materia all-around, provided the player has a Materia slot available for it.

Pre-Emptive can be equipped on any character. However, it is best equipped on the third character in the player's party, at least when mastered to halve the chance of getting an Ambush or Back Attack formation.