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*Touch Me
*Touch Me
*Imp Captain
*Imp Captain
*[[Cockatrice (Airborne Brigade)|Cockatrice]] (Boss)
{{Locat-stub|Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade}}
{{Locat-stub|Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade}}

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Pravoka Region Brigade

The image of the Pravoka Region in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade.

Make your way through the wooded moors and explore the abandoned castle at the far edge of the region.

Location description.

The Pravoka Region is a region in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade, and is the third region made accessible to the player. Clearing the region grants the player access to the Berserker job.

Pravoka Region

South Lethe Bogs

  • LP per exploration: 4 (5 for boss areas)
  • EXP per exploration: 16 to 48 (20 to 60 for boss areas)
  • Progress per exploration: 2%

Abilities Found


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