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Power is Everything is a time-limited event where Leon from Final Fantasy II can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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The Emperor's Servant:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

  • Firion: This finishes it! Hah!

(Firion defeats a Behemoth as Jecht and Tidus arrive)

  • Jecht: Oh, not bad, Firion! Got a good arm on ya!
  • Tidus: That was a big one. Didn't think we'd run into this sort around here.
  • ???: Good show.
  • Firion: That voice!

(The Emperor appears)

  • The Emperor: You have grown stronger. I did not expect you to defeat the fiend I sent your way.
  • Firion: The Emperor of Palamecia!
  • Jecht: "Sent our way," huh? What's the big idea!?
  • The Emperor: Did I not make myself clear? To test your strength.
  • The Emperor: And I find that strength increasingly appealing. What do you say? Shall I dominate you now?
  • Tidus: You never learn, do ya?
  • Firion: Don't make us repeat ourselves! No one wishes to be ruled over!
  • The Emperor: Ha... In that case, might the sight of this man sway your position?
  • The Emperor: Come!

(Leon emerges from a Torsion)

  • Firion: Leon!
  • Leon: Unh... Is that you...Firion...?
  • Jecht: Who's this guy? Friend of yours?
  • Firion: My best friend... But why is he...?
  • Tidus: Your best friend works for the Emperor!? The heck!?
  • Leon: Ngah...! Fir...iooon! Power... Give me your power! If I kill you...then I...!
  • Leon: I can...! Become the true...ruler...!
  • Jecht: Hey, he's spoutin' crazy talk now. You really used to hang out with this nut job?
  • Firion: ...Clearly something is amiss. The Leon I know would never...
  • The Emperor: Well, now what? Here is a bit of fun where former friends battle to the death... Try to entertain me.
  • The Emperor: Go, Leon!
During Power is Everything Pt. 1:

(Wave 3: Leon)

  • Leon: Fir...ion! You think...you can defeat me!?
  • Firion: Leon...snap out of it! Blast, have we no choice but to fight!?
  • Leon: Ngh... Firion...
  • Firion: Leon, please, come to your senses... This fight is...meaningless.
  • The Emperor: Hmph, some opponent you proved to be. Hopeless.
  • The Emperor: I have no need for useless worms. Allow me to deliver the finishing blow.
  • Firion: Stop, Emperor!
  • The Emperor: Oh, you wish to protect the man who betrayed you? And why is that, may I ask?
  • Firion: Leon is my friend...and my family!
  • Leon: ...Fir...ion...
  • The Emperor: Hahaha... A truly worthless reason.
  • The Emperor: I think it best I finish you both here and now!

(Gunshots are fired by Irvine)

  • The Emperor: What!?
  • Irvine: That'll be enough, Mr. E. Mind stepping away from my friends now?

(Snow and Thancred arrive)

  • Snow: His family is our family! You aren't laying a finger on him!
  • Thancred: Do afford us the dashing entrance from time to time, eh, Firion?
  • Firion: My friends...!
  • The Emperor: ...Hmph. Your theatrics have spoiled my entertainment.
  • The Emperor: Well enough. This one is now steeped in darkness. He is certain to betray you in his thirst for power...
  • The Emperor: Ugly battles amongst yourselves is the most you have to look forward to.

(The Emperor disappears)

  • Snow: He got away! Everyone in one piece?

(Leon collapses)

  • Leon: ......kh...
  • Firion: Leon! Are you alright!?

  • Firion: Can you stand, Leon?
  • Leon: Y-yes... I am fine now...
  • Leon: But are you? You heard what he said...
  • Firion: Why don't you tell us what happened first? Why were you with the Emperor?
  • Leon: I realized I was in this world...felt some dark will pursuing me, and lost consciousness...blast it all.
  • Leon: I was with that monster...
  • Leon: I'm sorry. Please, leave me be.

(Leon leaves)

  • Firion: ...Argh.
  • Snow: Hey, you gonna let him go? I thought he was family.
  • Irvine: Yeah, you need to take better care of him than that. Heeey, Leeeooon!
  • Firion: Snow, Irvine... You're right...
  • Firion: Leon! This world isn't ours...so please stay with us, at least as long as you're here...!

(Firion runs off, and reunites with Leon)

  • Leon: ...Firion... But...I'm sure I will eventually betray you...
  • Snow: Geez, don't you make this harder than it needs to be.
  • Snow: What'd we say? Firion's family is our family! We don't care what your baggage is!
  • Snow: Family sticks together! Hey, you guys with me here?
  • Thancred: Aye, I have no interest in digging up the past.
  • Irvine: Yeah, and it's safer if you're with us than getting yourself lost and manipulated by some other wacko.
  • Firion: Thank you, everyone...!
  • Firion: No one among us will hold anything against you.
  • Firion: I finally found you...
  • Leon: ...Very well.
  • Snow: Right-o! That settles it! Let's go let the others know we've got a new friend! I mean family member!
  • Leon: Am I...truly fit for this...?
On Deck:
  • Leon: ...Why? I don't understand...
  • Zell: Yo! Leon!

(The party arrives)

  • Zell: We're going over what's next for us. You should join in.
  • Firion: Is there something on your mind?
  • Leon: Why are you all so willing to accept me?
  • Leon: In my thirst for power, I became a knight of the Emperor...
  • Leon: And if that wasn't enough, I turned my blade on you.
  • Seifer: I think you're mistaken, dark-wuss. Who said we're accepting you?
  • Seifer: We're just letting you tag along because our interests happen to match up.
  • Leon: Is that all...?
  • Zell: No! No, that's just Seifer shooting his mouth off!
  • Ramza: It is true we once crossed swords.
  • Ramza: But we have seen your actions since. Your skills have aided us any number of times.
  • Steiner: And how! As a fellow knight, your swordsmanship must be respected!
  • Seifer: As a knight...
  • Seifer: Who wouldn't want power?
  • Seifer: I don't get your hang-up.
  • Zell: ...I get nervous when you talk like that, you know...
  • Seifer: Ugh, you're annoying. Mind your own business.
  • Seifer: Do what you want the way you want. That's how I operate.

(Seifer leaves)

  • Steiner: Graaagh! Why you—! How dare you rub salt in Sir Leon's wounds!
  • Ramza: ...Stay. That needn't be all he intended.
  • Ramza: Seifer's conviction to his own approach should have no small influence on our own way of thinking.

(Ramza and Zell leave)

  • Steiner: Hrm... Perhaps... But do not dwell too deeply on it.

(Steiner leaves)

  • Leon: ...They are an enjoyable lot. You've found yourself some good friends, Firion.
  • Firion: It's as Seifer says. Do it your way.
  • Firion: Even if your way is mistaken...
  • Firion: We have plenty of friends here who will set you right.
  • Leon: Heh... Right you are.
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