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For outdated mechanics on this gameplay element, see Power-Up Dungeon/Legacy

The Power-Up Dungeons, previously known as Daily Dungeons, are a recurring gameplay element in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. As their name implies, they are groups of dungeons opened with intent to give players a means to grind for crafting materials and other items of value outside of Core and Event Dungeons, as well as level up characters.

On December 19, 2017, Daily Dungeons were updated and renamed "Power-Up Dungeons".

Start and duration[]

All daily Power-Up Dungeons open at midnight US/Pacific*(No adjustment for Summer Time) (8:00 a.m. UTC), and remain open for the game day.


Power-Up Dungeons come in two levels of difficulty, each with two stages consisting of three rounds of enemies. Aside from the Dungeon completion rewards being the themed item of the dungeon (gil, upgrade materials, orbs, etc.), enemies encountered in the dungeon very frequently drop the same type of item, in better quality rarities on higher difficulty dungeons. Very rarely Magic Pot enemies can appear; depending on the dungeon and its difficulty, they may drop Rarity 5 or 6 materials, or else a substantial amount of greens/gil/experience. Enemies may also drop Gysahl Greens for Fat Chocobo's Gysahl Exchange.

There are two types of Power-Up Dungeon; those available just one day a week, and those available throughout the week. Those available all week come in Normal and "+" difficulties, while those available on certain days come in "+" and "++" difficulties. The daily Power-Up Dungeons do not reset their completion when they reappear each week, so the player can only earn the First Time and Mastery rewards once. However, the normal completion rewards can still be earned.

There is also the Orb Meadows dungeon, which is available all week, but only on Normal difficulty; the "+" version is only accessible on Sundays.

Record Synergy is not enforced in Power-Up Dungeons. However, enemy pools for the weekly dungeons are drawn from Final Fantasy V, while some daily dungeons may retain their former affiliation with respect to their own enemy pools.

Difficulty Level Stamina per Battle Stamina Total
Normal 20 40
+ 40 80
++ 50 100

The greater the difficulty, the better the materials dropped.

Current schedule and rewards[]

Dungeon Timeframe Rewards
Shores of Wisdom All week EXP
Gil Greenwood All week Gil
Orb Meadows All week Elemental Orbs
Arena of Steel All week Item upgrade materials
Windswept Ravine Monday Wind Orbs
Shrine of Ivory Might Monday White Orbs
Ebonfist Keep Tuesday Black Orbs
Earthen Wastes Tuesday Earth Orbs
Maze of Dark Divinity Wednesday Dark Orbs
Icenought Peaks Wednesday Ice Orbs
Tower of Might Thursday Power Orbs
Brimstone Caldera Thursday Fire Orbs
Divine Demesne Friday Holy Orbs
Thunder Plains Friday Lightning Orbs
Netherbeast Cavern Saturday Summon Orbs
The Pale Barrens Saturday Non-Elemental Orbs