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Porphyrion is a Notorious Monster from Final Fantasy XI. He is a target of Bastok Mission 3-3: Jeuno, San d'Oria Mission 3-3: Appointment to Jeuno, and Windurst Mission 3-3: A New Journey, for which the player must acquire a Delkfutt Key from him in order to access the basement of Delkfutt's Tower. He is notably capable of using the Eagle Eye Shot special job ability.


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In Greek mythology, Porphyrion was one of the Giants who were the offspring of Gaia, born from the blood that fell when Uranus (Sky) was castrated by their son Cronus. In other versions of the myth, the Gigantes were born of Gaia and Tartarus, the god of the pit. Porphyrion was (along with Alcyoneus), the greatest of the Giants.