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Poroggo are beastmen that appear in Final Fantasy XI. Born in the age of magic, they were discovered by Professor Clavauert and named after the eccentric frog princess Samariri. Feeling sorry for the toads that were trampled on the paths of Windurst Waters, Samariri cast a spell that made the toads grow and allowed them to walk on two feet. The Poroggos eventually learned the Tarutaru language and the arts of magic and saw themselves as brothers and sisters to the people of Vana'diel, but the Windurstian military quickly disposed of what they saw as a threat[1], which explains why in the past frogs could be seen outside of Windurst, but in modern times they are absent. They were originally believed to be a myth or extinct but have recently resurfaced and joined the Mamool Ja Savages, presumably seeking revenge on the Tarutaru race.


  • Crapaudy
  • Poroggo
  • Poroggo Gent
  • Poroggo Seducteur
  • Toad

Notorious Monsters[]

  • Ariri Samariri
  • Don Poroggo
  • Eriri Samariri
  • Experimental Poroggo
  • Iriri Samariri
  • Mikilulu‎
  • Mikiluru‎
  • Mikirulu‎
  • Mikiruru‎
  • Oriri Samariri
  • Poroggo Casanova
  • Poroggo Charmer
  • Poroggo Gent
  • Poroggo Gourmand
  • Poroggo Madame
  • Poroggo's Toady
  • Ramponneau
  • Uriri Samariri
  • Wartkin