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Kupo! My precious Chocobos have all run off! Every last one of them! It looks like they've headed for the mountains in the Aldanna Range. I need someone to find them before the monsters do, kupo!

Quest Description for Popocho's Chocobos

Popocho is a moogle non-player character from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. A Chocobo Knight with an unfortunate speech impediment that renders him unable to say the name of the very birds he rides, Popocho joins Luso as a guest for one battle in the Aldanna Range, and then grants him access to the Job class of Chocobo Knight afterward.


Save my bocochos!


Popocho lives in the world of Ivalice, and is a Chocobo Knight who owns six chocobos—one yellow, two green, one black, one white, and one brown. One day, all of his chocobos escaped from his house and ran off into the Aldanna Range, where they became lost and targeted by the resident Aldanna monsters. Frantic, Popocho put up a Quest Notice in the nearest bar, begging for someone to help him save his beloved chocobos. Luso Clemens saw this notice and came to the rescue.

Searching separately from Luso, Popocho managed to find three of his six chocobos on his own; unfortunately, they were being menaced by a massive Zahak. Although Popocho could never have defeated the beast himself, Luso Clemens arrived in the nick of time, having just retrieved the other three chocobos, and helped the Knight defend his chocobos. At the end of the battle, Popocho happily taught Luso how to use the Chocobo Knight Job class in his own clan before riding off with his chocobos.

An amusing trait of Popocho's that causes him to stand out amongst the other moogles of the game is his peculiar speech impediment. Although he ends many of his sentences with "kupo" in the traditional manner of moogles, he is also prone to mixing "kupo" and similar sounds into the word "chocobo". Although he occasionally manages to pronounce the word correctly, it usually emerges as "bococho", "kuchobo", "chupopo", or something else along those lines. Although he becomes quite flustered and attempts to correct his mispronunciations, he usually only ends up making worse ones, a gesture that his long-suffering chocobos are apparently quite used to.

He is also memorable for the exclamation he emits when at the height of exasperation, "Oh, feathers and foozles, kupo!".

Popocho's Chocobos: The Quest[]

Popocho's Chocobos is a Rank 27 Escort Quest that requires 13 Negotiation and 13 Teamwork to accept. The Quest fee is 400 gil. Players cannot Dispatch members on this Job, but may cancel it after accepting it. It is a three-part Quest, and all three parts take place in the Aldanna Range. The reward for completing this Quest is: 4360 gil, Blood-Darkened Bone x4, Adamantite x3, 54 Clan Points, and the Chocobo Knight class, though like all other quests in which there is a class as a reward, the Chocobo Knight is not listed.

Quest Part One[]

Your Mission Objective: Protect the Chocobo and Defeat all Foes!
Battle Law: > 50 Damage (dealing more than 50 Damage is forbidden)
Characters for Dispatch: Four

Quest Part Two[]

Your Mission Objective: Protect the Chocobos and Defeat all Foes!
Battle Law: Actions by Moogles (moogles may only move and perform basic attacks)
Characters for Dispatch: Four

Quest Part Three[]

Your Mission Objective: Protect Popocho and his Chocobos!
Battle Law: Actions by Humes (humes may only move and perform basic attacks)
Characters for Dispatch: Four

Popocho as a Guest[]

Chocobo Knights harness the Choco Guard ability of the brown Chocobo to protect their allies.

Brown Rider Job Description

Popocho shares the typical statistics of a Chocobo Knight—primarily low stats, but ridiculously high Speed. His AI seems geared towards keeping his chocobos alive, which is helpful, because if they die, then you fail the entire Quest. He usually starts out by Choco Guarding his chocobos, and then moves on to Guard your party members as well.


  • Weapon - Enavia Chronicles
  • Armor - Jujitsu Gi
  • Accessory - Cachusha


Skill Effect Range AP To Master
Choco Cure Flap wings to stir up a healing wind. Restores HP to surrounding units. All sides and self 8
Choco Beak Peck remorselessly at the target. 1
Choco Guard Fill surrounding units with vim and vigor. Grants Regen and raises Defense and Resistance. All sides and self 10
Counter Counterattack when targeted with an offensive action. N/A N/A
Ribbon-Bearer Enables the user to equip a ribbon, regardless of their current Job. N/A N/A