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Susano, after the party survives Ame-no-Murakumo

The Pool of Tribute is a Trial Trial from Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, taking place in the domain of the Kojin of the Red, where the Warrior of Light confront the kami Susano, Lord of the Revel.


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Your efforts to wreak havoc on the Isle of Zekki and draw the Red Kojin away from their imperial masters have exceeded all expectations. Unfortunately, for reasons beyond your knowing, two of the sacred treasures stored in the isle's vault "reacted" to the presence of the Yasakani-no-Magatama, summoning forth from the aether the great kami Susano—a primal by another name. How fortunate that you had the wisdom and foresight to invite several of your fellow adventurers on this journey to the Far East, and how kind they were to agree to help you torment the Red Kojin, for no single warrior, no matter how blessed or powerful, could ever hope to slay a primal on own, despite what some wandering minstrels would have you believe.

In-game description


In the shadow of Kugane's renowned Mujikoza theater, you recount your clash with Susano to the wandering minstrel. Inspired by your tale, he proceeds to commit it to song, his gift for words imbuing events with an intensity you do not quite recall. Such is common practice when adapting for the stage, the minstrel explains, as your mind wanders back to the scene of battle, the verses echoing in your mind...

In-game description
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Instance history[]

Emote bug[]

When the player first completes The Pool of Tribute as part of the Stormblood Main Scenario, they appear underwater in the Ruby Sea, near the Isle of Zekki. 4.0 introduced two new features to the game: the ability to swim underwater, and the ability to retain persistent emotes, such as /sit, through instances. However, on release, 4.0's code did not account for the possibility of the system calling emotes that do not exist. In particular, an underwater /sit emote does not exist, and if the game is forced to call /sit while underwater it will crash; and then, because the player will still be /sitting on relaunch, the game will become unplayable until a Game Master is contacted. Thus, if a player was /sitting, completed The Pool of Tribute, and then reappeared underwater, their account would be become unplayable. This issue was compounded by the fact that a rock on the Isle of Zekki was also bugged, causing players that /sit on it to appear as though they are levitating; thus, several players attempted to /sit on the rock while waiting for a party for The Pool of Tribute, and then found their accounts unplayable. These bugs were patched a few days after 4.0 Early Access began.



Susano is fought on a walled circular platform.

Susano's signature mechanic is Yata no Kagami into Seasplitter into Brightstorm. Yata no Kagami will target a single player and knock them back, then telegraph massive water damage and knock-up everywhere on the platform except in the line through the Yata no Kagami target and the boss. Finally, the Yata no Kagami target will be marked for Brightstorm, which deals split damage; thus, the party must stack in the line behind the boss to avoid Seasplitter and split the damage of Brightstorm.

At the end of the first phase, Susano will raise his sword, the Ame-no-Murakumo, and begin dealing raid-wide damage, known as Sheer Force. The party will have to DPS down the Ame-no-Murakumo while one tank completes an Active Time Maneuver known as Blade's Shadow, while the other tank absorbs orbs that target the Blade's Shadow tank. This mechanic repeats twice before Susano casts Ame-no-Murakumo, targeting the middle line of the platform with his sword. Anyone standing under the sword when it lands is immediately killed, and everyone else takes massive damage.

In the final phase, Susano will target a healer for Hidden Gate, trapping them inside a Ama-no-iwato, which will instantly kill the target if the add is not destroyed quickly enough. Susano will also create two false Ama-no-iwatos and swap them around, forcing the party to keep track of which one is the true Ama-no-iwato.


In the first phase, Susano will repeatedly cast Assail, damaging his primary target, while using his Yata no Kagami combo. He also casts Churn, which marks four targets for heavy damage and Water Resistance Down II; the only way to avoid this is to take no actions during the final three seconds of this debuff. Fortunately, his telegraph attack, Rasen Kaikyo, completes four seconds before Churn is set to complete.

In the Ame-no-Murakumo phase, the Blade's Shadow tank will be inflicted with Slashing Resistance Down II, forcing a tank swap between repetitions of this mechanic. After Ame-no-Murakumo finishes casting, the platform will be split in two, and standing in the void in the middle will inflict the player with Sinking, which will be fatal after a few seconds.

In the final phase, Susano will introduce several new mechanics:

  • Stormsplitter: A tank buster which inflicts Slashing Resistance Down II, forcing a tank swap.
  • Ukehi: Raid-wide damage.
  • Levin Bolt: Will target four players in succession, who will take minor damage, and then heavy splash damage from Electrocution; this must be avoided by jumping to the other platform. However, modulo eight, the fifth through eighth Levin Bolts will also stun the target, forcing the rest of the party to move to avoid Electrocution. These swaps (between stun and no-stun) coincide with the casts of Hidden Gate.


  • Susano
    • Ame-no-Murakumo
    • Ama-no-iwato



Musical themes[]

"Revelation" plays during the first phase of the battle with Susano. "Riot" plays during the second phase, while "At Both Ends" plays during the third phase.